Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (10-1-15)


On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Shaun speaks about: Chat and comment stupidity at the Info Stormer – Tommy gets a hiding, The landlords mother speaks of men committing suicide – Custody death, Cities of Australia have zero culture thanks to a puppeteered government, What is it Shaun knows about Abbos ask emails – Probably more than many, Sustainable Development – A pretty term for property theft – Spencer, John calls in and discusses Tommy the sissy and his feelings on David Duke, And much more as usual…

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8 years ago

Great show Shaun. I’m an Aussie in Texas & am just now waking up to my Christian Zionist upbringing & the very real #whitegenocide our people are facing. I’m thinking about my Christian friends & family & I realized not all people waking up have all white families members or even marriages. But what if they figure out they were deceived & now the issue is possible regection from the white folk. How do you address this. Are such people ever welcome?

8 years ago

Hope this is allowed I liked the message from subverted nation found this site by accident & he might be a good guest. Just saying. Anyway enjoy the music video. Hope the link works.
Protest Video Subverted Nation – YouTube

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