Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (10-31-15)


I am having to write all of this out again because Windows is nothing more nor less than a homosexual anal cavity.

On this one-hour quickie edition of Two’s Company Three’s Allowed, I speak about the Muslim woman who was punched in the face on Swanston Street here in Australia.

Not the police, nor the Muslim woman herself believe that this was an anti-religious or hate crime, albeit that the mainstream media would have you believe otherwise. This is a point I have been trying to drive home for a long time on the broadcast. That point being that the mainstream media cannot be trusted!

You all know my feelings towards Muslims and Arabs as a whole being here in my country. This broadcast however, is more about how we should not trust the mainstream media near as much as what we do.

I also speak about the Israeli soldier that wants to gas Palestinian children and elderly women, Tony Abbott wanting Europe to turn migrants away and anti-bikie congregation laws taking important resources away from child sexual abuse cases!

Given that this edition of TCTA is only a one-hour edition, I have limited and beeped out swearing so that it will suit a one-hour daytime slot on 107.9 FM. So please don’t e-mail me asking questions as to why I beeped the swearing out on this particular episode.

Whilst I do not beep out the swearing of my two-hour episodes, keep in mind that my two-hour episodes play at midnight, where there are more than likely no small ears listening.

Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the broadcast!

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Circus Maximus
8 years ago

Great show. I’d like to make a correction in the term Americanization. It’s somewhat correct but I prefer Jewification or Judaization…

8 years ago

Good point CM…

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