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Anthony Roberts

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! This last scheduled show has a slew of passion, anger, reason, common sense and mock value (what is that??) Thank you Shaun for my 14mths of your wisdom and humour. Your impressions, dindu groid, abbo brudda! Indians/Lebbos and your retard voice has had me in stitches. Thank you also for voicing the anger i feel, but can’t express. Your show disseminating that paedo apologist’s email was very powerful. Also, yours and Sinead’s discussion on both your past family problems was the most courageous radio i think i have ever heard. It was sad, but there is hope. You both prove the downward spiral can be stopped, and reversed. You are right to put your children and health first. I look forward to the… Read more »


HA! Fantastic stuff Anthony. Thank You my friend.

John A

I dunno brother, I’m afraid a negro staring at a fried chicken tattoo may be enticed to revert to cannibalism. It’s only been a couple years since they stopped eating people you know. HA! Sheeeit, I bet they still do that in Detroit, definitely in Flint. There they have “Kentucky Fried Dindus”. (they prefer to eat their own kind I think) But why tempt them?


Thank you for all your dedication, knowledge, and work for all these years, dear Shaun.
I wish you and your family healthy and happy lives.
It’ll be a great pleasure and joy to hear from you in the very near future.


It was truly my pleasure Yrton. You take care.

Very relaxed and humorous sendoff. Thanks for all your hard work Shaun.


Coming from you John, this will always be remembered!

John A

That was a masterpiece bro. Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass just when I needed it. I have been accused of being too optimistic at times, and joking when I should be screaming, but that’s mostly for the benefit of those listening and to piss of the fuckers that want to see me angry. But we need well-directed anger as much as we need anything else. Anyways, If we could create a clone army of white-warriors to defeat the kikes, the Renegade crew would be the perfect subjects, and I mean the whole crew and the majority of listeners I’ve met here. But we can’t clone people cuz it’s illegal and I don’t quite know how it works anyway (is there a manual?).… Read more »


Thanks John. I haven’t known you long, but it means just as much to me coming from you as it does coming from people that have been listening for years. A tilt of the hat to you Sir.

I always love listening to your shows Shaun, you’re a True Blue Aussie, just like I remember it used to be and sorely miss. I Tweeted to your page my appreciation.


Thank You Roj. I appreciate the comments man. Stay well.


Well, that sucks. You did an excellent show Shaun. I enjoyed your shows very much. You definitely have a talent for internet radio. But family comes first, I understand. Everybody needs a break I guess. Hope you don’t do a Peter Shaenk and never come back.


Glad you were here for it Suebian. Stay safe.

Robert Heimdal

I’ve been a casual listener of Two’s Company for quite some time now and I’ve enjoyed your last shows pretty much (especially the (8-11-16) show). Sometimes I feel the same when posting articles to the Tribune, it’s like ‘who the F- cares about this? – who on Earth is going to read this claptrap anyway?’ or ‘I’m just being over-repetitious here’. I respect your decision. I hope you find new ‘inspiration’ to come back with new shows in the future though (when you see it fit).

Best of luck Shaun 😉


Thank You Robert. Keep up the great work on the Tribune brother.


Take care mate !!


Jasper, you’re a friend to the end mate.


Hi Shaun. Good show. sorry to hear it’s your last one tho i understand why you can’t do it anymore. At least you will be still be working behind the scenes which we all appreciate. thanks for all you do. Loved hearing one of Sinead’s tunes. beautiful tune. My heart goes out to all those in Florida, hope they take care of themselves.
.. Paula


Thanks for listening Paula. I’m glad you got something from the show over the years. Stay well.


yes i did. i learned alot. thanks


Good Show


Thanks Chris.

Shield Maiden

I am going to miss the show as are many other Renegaders. Feel free to make recordings of rage and send them to me so I can pretend like the show is still on air. Thanks. 🙂

P.S. If nothing else, I’ll always have my golliwog beauty pageant episode.


SM, you know that I will call you for a “special” call anytime. LOL. I shouldn’t say that, because people will take that shit seriously… You know I love ya Darlin! Thanks so much for being so dedicated.

Artie Fufkin

Damn it Shaun, now I gotta go looking for another show. I speak with the incredible JB Campbell regularly. http://jbcampbellextremismonline.com Just a few days ago I was telling him I listen to almost no alternative media any longer because there’s next to nothing that’s real hard hitting…… but there’s this guy in Australia known as Shaun Surplus …. kicks ass. He uses a lot of profanity and many can’t get past it but I like his fire, the guys a fighter and that’s what we need today. He’s one of the few jew wise on the scene who’s reached the point of understanding we have to literally rip the heads right off these jewish SOB’s and put em in the ground once and for all.… Read more »


Fuck yeah Arty! I remember you. You were known as “Arty Fart Glass” if I am not mistaken. Thanks so much for the kind words my friend. You stay real cool ya hear? Much appreciation!


gonna miss that end of the week rage maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate


Yeah, I’m buying a boxing bag JB.

Thors Disciple

Great Last Show Shaun.
I certainly will miss you though,
but I know you’re not far away as you’re the man behind the scenes.
I came to Renegade about a year and a half ago and you were one of the first I latched onto because of your blunt honesty and our closeness in age, and I truly appreciate your work.
Family absolutely must come first as we work to build our plan for the future.
I look forward to one day sitting at a fire and sharing some mead with you and other Renegades in our White Bright & Beautiful Community. 🙂
Hail Victory and keep speaking the truth.


Thanks for being a part of it Thor. I appreciate you and your time man.

How about thinking about doing a reality show, Shaun, putting up cameras and speaking to us as you please. I would follow you. You have got it going on!


Couple of months later on Renegade Tribune:
As Shaun Surplus Left Audio Broadcasting, He Started Video Production



Well, it has been freaking excellent to listen to this show. All the best, I hope you come back and do some roundtables. Indeed we all must move on at some point; it is your will. That is all there is to it. Take care Bruce!


Really sorry to see you go Shaun. You have a real talent for talk radio – hilarious, eloquent and an ability to make the listener think you’re talking straight to them. Presentation-wise I think you may have been one of the best I ever heard. All the best with the family and future pursuits.

Seamus this Man

oh fuck that was the worst fucking singing. Sorry


That’s subjective of course. I happen to think it’s beautiful singing. It’s also subjective when I say that I think you’re a fuckin troll.