Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (11-26-15)

no jive turkey

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of TCTA ladies and gentlemen.

Whilst Shaun was not very prepared for doing a show today, given the fact that he had his days messed up, the show did go ahead. So he made the most of it by making it a Thanksgiving edition of TCTA.

Shaun speaks about his trip to America. The heat wave in LA, the black and Mexican drug wars in the park, the hydraulics failing in system one on the plane, Niagara Falls, the cost of beer, including beer in pharmacies, driving on the wrong side of the road ETC.

The show was just a little bit of fun for Thanksgiving so I don’t want to hear any complaints about bad language, grammar problems, anchor babies, mercury dental fillings, drowned kittens, toilets that flow the other way due to the equator, kangaroos and koalas that hurt people, skunks, etc. You get the point.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buddies!

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Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Great show.

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