Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (12-24-15)


A light-hearted edition of the broadcast Ladies and Gents. Albeit there were a few problems at the beginning, thanks to our Israeli friends, everything worked out in the end. Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy a little fun with Shaun.

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Jonny M

The truth has spilled over through the John B. Wells show. On the Dec 24 Youtube upload Wells talked about the anti-white agenda, Noel Ignatiev and basically pointed to the Jews. Wells is a smart guy so he knew the consequences of what he was saying. This is something Reyvolt might like to cover. The part about Jewish influence starts right after the 1:18:00 mark. Here’s the link:

Lawrence Forthright

Great show. Thank you.


Why does this guy just ramble on and on laughing all the time like a drunk? Why doesn’t he PREPARE and put forth a TOPIC for discussion? Renegade should dump this guy because he’s totally useless.

Jonny M

I think he’s doing a pretty good job.

You’re the one listening to it Ron. Ha! Allow me to laugh at that like a drunk for a moment.

So who’s the bigger moron Ron, the one that laughs on his show or the f*ck wit that sits there listening to it, all the while, not liking what he hears?

By the way Ron, I have spoken on many topics. This must be the only show you’ve heard of mine. Did you skip the Round Table Christmas show where we were all discussing important topics? Yeah, I thought so.

Are you that same poofter from the Daily Stormer that seems to have a hard on for me?

Sorry Ron, I ain’t into men.


Sorry Shaun, but I’m not good at slinging mud and whining like you apparently are so I won’t go there. And as for me listening to you, hey. I’m all for giving someone a chance and giving someone the benefit of the doubt but according to you I’m a moron for that, huh? Well don’t worry because I WON’T be listening top you any more, so you continue with your rambling nonsense. In closing, I’ll just say that you should go back to school and GROW UP because if you can’t take constructive criticism then you’ll get nowhere in life and that’s why you haven’t. Oh, and btw, maybe you should ring up Charles G. so he can give you some pointers on how to… Read more »

Barry White

Shaun – 1
Ron – 0

There is nothing constructive about calling me useless Ron. So I think it’s YOU that needs to grow up.

It’s a pity you won’t be listening anymore. Because you have made it to my douche bag of the week segment, this show coming.

See you there.


Nope, I won’t be there, Shawn. There are plenty of educated, well-researched people out there who can and will make a difference, and it is those people who I will listen to…


this is the first show by Shaun that i’ve listened to, I love this show, sorry i wasnt a listener before i will continue to listen to your shows 🙂
Yes, i believe Renegade broadcating is under attack. I’m a Charles G. listener and last week one he got cut off in one of his shows and a voice cut in and said “suck my c***” somethings going on lol

thanks for a great show Shaun 😀

.. Paula

Cheers Paula! Great to have you aboard.



Thanks Shaun, glad to be aboard. I joined your group on facebook too 🙂

I didn’t even know that, that was still going. The manager of that page does not seem to contact me to let me know how it’s going. I am permanently banned from FB, so I don’t know what goes on there. Are the shows still being posted on the page Paula?


I dont know, i wasnt accepted yet and it’s a closed group. You are completely banned from Facebook? all of facebook? how did that happen?

They kept asking me for my ID because they believed “Shaun Surplus” wasn’t my real name. On the fourth time telling them that “Shaun Surplus” is the name I am using, they asked for a copy of my photo ID, like a bunch of spooks, so I took a photo of my bare buttocks and sent that to them. They weren’t as impressed as I perhaps thought they would have been.

Facebooks jews just have no sense of humour…


ha ha ha you handled that well. 🙂


Paula. don’t drink the cool aid. If you are like me, and you are serious about seeing things go for the better for us, you should connect with people who really can turn things around. Jew…Jew…Jew…is all you will get from people like Shaun but the problem is much deeper than that. When we are weak, we leave ourselves vulnerable and anyone can present a problem for us. Stop blaming the Jews for everything. If you live your life and you are strong that is all that counts. Do you love your people as much as I do? That is what you have to ask yourself. It’s very simple. White people are your family and my family. Cohesion is what means the most for us.


Ron, lets forget for a moment that i wasn’t even talking to you in the first place because from your initial posts on this page i believe you’re nothing but an uneducation loser and idiot. But after your last post i believe you to be much worse than that. “Stop Blaming the Jews”????? Obviously, you’re nothing more than some Filthy dirty Jew trying to muddy up the waters of truth. it’s probably YOU going around and messing with people’s broadcasts on here. so i only have one thing to say to you…
“Blow it out your fucking dirty jew ass!”

Well said Paula. Bravo. Ron is is just a kike troll doing his best to mess with well established networks. But don’t worry, this network isn’t going to go by bye anytime soon. The only direction this network is going, is forward and this scares the shit out of the kikes, because people are waking up to them. What we’re seeing above is Ron running scared. Kikes put up an attitude to make themselves look big, because they are petrified little wieners. They’re like roosters that puff out their chest and ruffle their feathers, but then have nothing to offer other than that. Since the show that Ron commented on, I’ve had 6 emails already letting me know what a great and “informative” show it… Read more »


I learned from another show Jews have a Poop fetish lol


@Paula: That’s funny. I’ve had two Fb accounts permananently deactivated for posting about that topic.
I posted articles, written by Jews, about that fetish as well as Israeli use of sewage sprayers on Palestinians and Jewish comedians’ skits and stand-up comedy supporting the premise. The first acc’t had a substantial following and the second only a handful that was used to test my suspicion that Fb monitors user posts. I’m 99.99% (I’m never 100%) sure that my posts on the second acc’t were not reported by contacts, but were offensive to Fb censors.


Paula, I am a white nationalist, but seriously, now I’m a dirty Jew in your eyes? Speaking about being paranoid, lol. People like you and Shaun make me want to stop caring about “whites” because to be quite honest, whites like you and your little buddy Shaun aren’t even worth saving. In the end, it’s the smart, educated whites who will survive this and not useless people like you and your alcoholic buddy Shaun.