Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (2-11-16)


Tonight, Shaun speaks with Alex Linder of about the jewish takeover of White Western Civilisation. The two gentlemen speak about how they have been accused of being jews and how there is no evidence proving these ridiculous claims.

Shaun also speaks with caller JewBanker about a comment made on his show about Roosh and how condoning a rapist is disgusting.

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Good to hear Alex Linder so spirited again. A round table, similar to the old Goyfire shows with just 3 or 4 top shelf participants, would be great. The old Aegis, Cobb, Kievski, Linder group was ‘the’ killer combo!


Awesome show, Shaun you are hilarious, proper Ozy fire in the bludde, you are a comlete riot m8. I have some recommendations for reading based on what came to mind from listening this show: The track of the jew through the ages – Alfred Rosen You Gentiles! – Maurice Samuel The international jew – Henry Ford jewish domination of Weimar Germany – Eckhart Verlag Apologies if you have read these, but I urge the viewers who have not, to get a copy of these and read them. You gentiles and the international jew are available as free PDFs on a Gugl search. But you are bang on with this ‘problem’ Exile is just another holiday for them. Rust never sleeps. It really is the case… Read more »


Great show, Shaun you are a riot m8, propah Ozy bludde ragin there hahah. For those who see this I highly recommend these: The track of the jew through the ages – Alfred Rosen jewish domination of Weimar Germany – Eckhart Verlag You Gentiles! – Maurice Samuel The international jew – Henry Ford It is no mistake that jews have been the pioneers of the psychology movement of Vienna, which to me was a mass research project to analyse the psyche of the white nations. Also that this is a lesson of consciousness to the white peoples, that there exists such a deeply and fundamentally deceptive dynamic that our honourable and respectable white minds could not comprehend. I consider this s wake up call to… Read more »


You guys have to see this if you haven’t:

apologies for post spam

Thanks for the book recommendations and vid link mate and glad you’re getting something from the show.


This is for Juden and anybody else that calls me “jewy”. For crying out loud!!


Really good show Shaun/Alex. I wouldn’t worry about the retarded Jew troll shit, they’re just a bunch of limp-wristed, basement bagel Nazis. It would be great to hear you guys do another one some time.


Alex and Shaun consider yourselves in great company–some say Adolf Hitler was a Jew too. Lol

It’s great to hear Alex Linder again. I remember when VNN first went online circa 2000. (Where did the time go?) I was a regular visitor (and poster) to the ‘old’ VNN web site for more than a few years.


I forgot one to mention one thing:



As mentioned in this interview, here’s the link to where you can listen to Alex Linder read and comment on Henry Ford’s The International Jew.

“Context and history behind Ford’s The International Jew. Where things were then vs where they are today in 2015, 95 years after its publication in 1920. This is the UNABRIDGED version, we’re doing all four volumes (80 chapters). “

Juden Raus

Shaun, after seeing the link you posted, I hereby officially pronounce you definitely NOT a jew. Go in peace, my friend. 🙂

Hahahahaha. Cheers Juden. I do even mock myself out at times, when it comes to my bigger than average nose, so don’t sweat it. I took it all in jest anyhow.


go go vnn

Alex is no miser trust me, also his goyfire shows woke me up 11 yrs ago. WELCOME TO LETH documentery was out and tries to smear Alex and King Cobb


Give Alex his own radio time slot … W.Walkers poem will be done soon for any fans. down with kikes up with whites!!


Nah – the US and Israeli governments are way too stupid to think that they need to “Control the opposition by creating it and leading it themselves (Lenin”. Nah – no way they’re actually doing that. Frankly, it’s impossible. Only “Conspiracy Theorists” would think that shit.

Linder and Craig Cobb and Miller/Cross…yeah they’re all “legit”.

There’s no such thing as Controlled Opposition kikes. No such thing. It’s never happened. And it never will.

Just go back to sleep you C-Students. Keep watching TEE VEE and make sure you get your porn fix. Oh yeah – and keep thinking that these fucking kikes are legit.


Pat, I’ve been observing many of your posts and I fast realised that you just like to oppose. You don’t really have a purpose here at Renegade. You’re an empty shell.

Had I have said that Linder was a kike, you would have argued that he was a good man.

Why don’t you run along over to Alex Jones now… Off you go. Don’t dilly-dally! Jones likes to oppose “just cause” a lot too. You’ll fit right in!

Truly man, get off the crack.


Yeah “Shaun” – I’ve observed you as well. Seems like you’ve intentionally inserted yourself as “Audio Engineer” for a reason. Very “Hal Turner” like. You will find that your kikery will not succeed here. You will simply fail in any effort to derail. Scum like you are all alike. Promoting other kikes and downplaying the role of PsyOp – while incessantly howling about “niggers” and in your case “abo’s”. Total jew tactic. Thanks for the utter compliments from you. Coming from a kike subverter like yourself – I’m actually flattered. Kike.


You’re boring. Yawwnnnnnnnnnn….

Was that meant for me Phil, or are you referring to Pat?


Pat, of course!

Keep up the great work, my Aryan brother.


If your going to connect someone to being a Jew based on a surname ,more less a “Germanic” surname alone then Your absolutely clueless to the history of Jews in Europe and how they were forced to take a surname !


Because Polish authorities suspected kahal leaders of cheating on their taxes. Until that time jewish judenrats payed taxes for the whole community (kahal) based on their own jew count. Giving jews names and registering them made this procedure much more difficult. Since jews moved into Poland 1000 years ago and for centuries 80% of all jews lived in Poland (see Germans adopted the same principle. In 1939 in Germany a country of 80M only 400K were jews. In Poland, a country of 40 million 3.5 million were jews.


Consider accepting bitcoin for donations.


My last name is 1 letter away from Cohn. What if I am a filthy kike?
Linder is damn good but maybe not quite to the level of Tanstafll. I’ll have to hear him more. Both believe expulsion doesn’t work. I’ve never heard anyone so up front and honest.


I hope the Juden Linder Bagels is not invited back on to Renegade again. This was cognitive dissonance at it’s finest…

I just started looking at vnn about two weeks ago, Linder’s goyfires are excellent but it seems the last one he did was 5 years ago. Does he just not do interviews or podcasts anymore? I can only find like one interview recording with him per year after 2011.

Juden Raus

You can’t blame people for being concerned about whether or not the people they’re listening to are crypto jews. They have done this over and over, so it’s only healthy to be skeptical. I personally think Shaun and Linder do look a little “jewy”, but that doesn’t mean anything because there are a lot of jews who look completely “non-jewy”. If the look is “jewy” be alert, but in the end go with behavior. Eventually, the jew — whether he looks it or not — will give himself away by his behavior. He can’t help it really, you know.

Juden, you’re so not getting any love from me. You see me in one picture and think I look jewy? It’s the nose isn’t it?


Cheers for your honesty.



And that’s an old pic. You should see that kike today. Geeez. Suffers from Tay Sachs, I hear. Serves him right. Makes me smile when I think about it 🙂


Are you serious,How the fuck does SS have a Jewy look?