Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (2-25-16)


On tonights broadcast, Shaun speaks about the idiot caller on Sinead’s show and takes Dspeak in the chatroom to task. (Whilst he stands by what he said at the beginning of the show, he does not believe Dspeak to be a troll)

He also speaks about the 3rd world mudskins tearing Australia a part morally and sometimes physically. Which leads him to talk about the Muslims outbreeding white people of Australia.

And much more as usual.

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5 years ago

You guys are all funny and entertaining to listen to.
Its the light bulbs that are causing people to be low on melatonin and not sleeping right. Plus being low causes lots of health problems and opens you up for cancer. The new light bulbs mimic an unnatural light and if you do not turn them off at 8pm or the same time every day and stop the light particles from entering your eyes…your body will not know its time to sleep and certain parts of your bodys sleep rhythms will not initiate and melatonin will not release to put you to sleep. I have looked into this lots and I can’t believe these death bulbs are still out there and being used.

Jake Island North
5 years ago

In my country , the land up and over , we also have a serious problem with the Mud Turds coming in like moles and buying up the gas stations and trucking companies primarily . These Muslims ( Muskoxen(m)s ) come in repulsive swarms like a conjured spell . You must remember this …, most of these invaders and I speak of the Muslims , carry an IQ of around 80 . That makes them less viable or credible than Police Officers of whom in general ( not all ) carry an IQ of around 100 . Now ., ofcourse , there is a reason for this . They are easier to manipulate and therefore must follow given orders without question …, you know ,like… Read more »

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