Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (3-10-16)


Tonight Shaun reads out some emails. He also speaks about the Indonesians wanting the savages wiped out, as well as Crush Porn. Please beware, that the Crush Porn subject is not pleasant.

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4 years ago

Call me a little pussy bitch but I don’t want to hear about “crush porn”. I am going to try and skip that part. I hope it doesn’t take up too much of the show.

Reply to  clinton
4 years ago

I don’t blame you Clinton. I kept it as short as possible and the only reason I reported on it, is because one of the listeners wanted it known, due to the fact that mostly minorities indulge in it.

Cheers for listening, mate.

Paul Goodman
4 years ago

ahhhhhh great to get a link to your shows again sean thanks muchlovecpxx aka captain proton

Reply to  Paul Goodman
4 years ago

Cheers, Capitano. Great to have you here, my good friend.

I Only Said I Did
4 years ago

Our blackfellas are better than your blackfellas.

Reply to  I Only Said I Did
4 years ago

Ha! You’re probably right.

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