Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (4-14-16)


Shaun / Surplus: On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about the pushed White Genocide by the Portland Community College. He also goes into some points made by Renegade’s new host, John Beattie as well as discussing an issue that Sinead speaks about on her latest show. Infostormer articles and more.

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4 years ago

Not want to be accused of too much flattery, but how can I not praise Shaun’s show? Absolutely tops with a stirring overall report !! Not a dull moment !! White Power Punching at its very best.

4 years ago

Blacks in a community manor? Were they there to rob and pillage the place?… Anyway, sparkling beast show as always.

4 years ago

Glad you’re all getting something from the show. Cheers and cold beers.

Shield Maiden
4 years ago

Post-FARTem Depression? LMAO! This is why I love listening to Shaun. Always makes me laugh. Thanks man.

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