Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (5-12-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about jews in the entertainment industry and how they have influenced and molded our degenerate thoughts. He also continues a little on the Port Arthur Massacre.

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4 years ago

The feline antisematism hate-wave had me LMSTD (laughing myself to death). BUT this is serious though. Did you know that the clouds are also antisemitic too?! The weather is also antisemitic; I saw the face profile of Hitler in a cumulus cloud yesterday. It doesn’t stop there: trees are antisemitic too! I saw an Ash forming the swastika at the correct geometrical Hate Angle when observed from underneath!

4 years ago

Cracking stuff. Like CG said; the control of the media is probably worse than the banks, because the media controls perception, and perception is reality. With that you can do anything you want, on a level that most people do not consciously take into account.

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