Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (5-19-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun fires up on a great many things, such as Sinead’s rant on the destruction of White Western Life, the order a bride mentality, Golliwog beauty pageants & McKee’s Play School.

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I’m still cracking up at Shaun saying, “Not ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of them are like that!” That’s quite a vowel movement you had there, Shaun. 🙂 Seriously, though, I’m sick of hearing that crap too.

Idiosyncratic Journeys

Me too and forgot to mention that, was thinking of it though!

Anthony Roberts

You are going to be the death of me Shaun! Your second phone encounter with ‘ Must Mute Luke’ had me in stitches! Just recovering, and now you bring us ‘Prom Night At Melbourne Zoo!’
You’re commiting ‘white humour’ genocide on me mate, so f*** off!!! Great show though.

Idiosyncratic Journeys


Idiosyncratic Journeys

Great Show Show, Shaun! Though all the shows I listened to thus far are!

What terrific oratory Shaun. Proud to be a “Renegade “. And hang in Sinead. Better days ahead. Promise !

Idiosyncratic Journeys

Thumbs up!


I have no words to express how smashing this show is. And what perfect timing.

Idiosyncratic Journeys


Idiosyncratic Journeys

Shaun I also like your whole yes the Jews pull the puppet strings, but we have to deal with this front and center and not just to the “Rothschild’s doorstep” I also could never wrap my head around while the Jews are responsible for aggressively putting racemixing propaganda out there. At the end of the day it is the white people who make the desicion to race mix. I personally think nonwhite men are repulsive looking. Maybe some whites have bad taste or they just want to appear “unique” and “edgy” The Jews take the horse to the lake, but like the saying goes, you cannot make the horse drink the water. (It is up to the horse). But you emphasized in this show a… Read more »


At first I almost prolapsed with hilarity at the sasquatch in a tutu. But now I keep looking at it, I actually feel really sad for the woman in the dress and her handler. You can see the look in their eyes that they know they are being mugged off and being played for fools, standing there like upturned mops. You can imagine all the fake press acting like they are serious about what they are doing to these people, either in self deception or decisive tactics. It is actually really sad considering they would never be in this position were it not for this ridiculum of the ‘wizards’ of Iz. You are absolutely spot on with the Carrie example. Don’t get me wrong Im… Read more »


Have a search for “pickaninny”, there you will see some golliwog imagery and some larfs. I remember we had golden shred orange marmalade and you could collect tokens from the label, to get a golliwog doll. I remember ordering one, but I lost it I think or it is in the attic somewhere.