Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (5-26-16)


On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks on Wabbo’s, Sineads Pizza Earth & AnJewlo’s special speech. Our Rulers and how they think for a moment they will be seen as something good in decades to come. Log cabins and communism. Caller John speaks on a few things.

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5 years ago

man that photo HAAAAAA

Reply to  jewbanker
5 years ago

It looks like the worst part of a ghost train ride.

Jewish Chewing gum
5 years ago

“I always figured that anyone who had a statue made of themselves was some sort of son of a bitch or other.” – Jayne Cobb

Have you heard of the Band called “Petrol Powered Goonbag Holocaust”?
Abo death metal.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

That album cover is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while! Shout out to ‘Agnetha’ – my first poster love! Fight night: wabbo v midget mabbo! Now that’s a real rocky situ! Shaun, your wabbo impression is so good. When we take back film making from the kikes – you are a ‘shoe-in’ for the remake of that glorious ‘white guilt’ jewbait film “Walkabout”. Get yer black boot polish out son! Sinead can play the Jenny Agutter role lol. Re flat earth (trigger warning): How can a plane land on a moving runway? Wouldn’t it need to keep circling and altering its yaw and pitch? Also, why doesn’t a plane need to keep dipping its nose travelling at 500mph? Why doesn’t it shoot off… Read more »

5 years ago

“I miss my death threats” my god that is a classic line. You have to make a host tshirt with that quote on it.

5 years ago

Oh god I am totally with you on the log cabin notion. I have that myself. This is how we should be living. I am with you in that I absolutely despise the edict of others on what rules we are meant to live by, based on what other flesh mortal with a god complex dictates. NATURE sets the rules, and no other. The very instant some flesh mortal comes and attempts to dictate then THAT is the sign that something is wrong.

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