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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Well said Shaun ( Mr Burns ha ha. ) Horrible subject matter. Thank goodness we have yours, Kyles , Sineads sanity, courage and humour in these f’d up times.
We know faggotry is only a stepping-stone to their real aims – sex with children!! Let’s start calling these non-human jew creations what they really are…homophiles!!!!! They ALL need to be put down – end of!!
Disappointed with Charles’s outburst. This uneducated prowhite – ALL jew hating – disgusting low-life listener will miss his intellectual musings.

7 years ago

AntiSemitic Kangaroos! Awesome, looks like renegade has some secret listeners.

7 years ago

I should have made a note too, just stating that I have no beef with any of the people that work in my Alpine town. Including the people that work at the local bottle-shops. They’re great here. Very open minded, so I don’t want people thinking that I was dissing them on-air. I wasn’t. I don’t think they listen to the broadcast, but that’s not the point. I should have made that clear on the show.

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