Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (6-24-16)


Shaun speaks about Cody the faggot pigmy and his pet Mooshell. He also discusses Aborigines and their incompatibilities with people of White European descent.

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Wow – foot injuries, kickin’ kangas, suicidal birds, pub stabbings, station beatings. You aussies are one tough breed, and you still manage to deliver a great show Shaun. Love the Michael Obama’s penis story with your mom in the car – timings everything!. Can’t wait for next weeks toe’s company, squeal’s allowed!

Ha! Toe’s company…. Awesome stuff. Glad you got something from the show Anthony. Cheers mate.

1 thing when cutting wood in the future shaun…….BOOTS 🙂 get healed soon mate, amazing how you turn into a cripple when you damage just 1 toe

“Cody the faggot pigmy and his pet Mooshell”
TRS gibberish^ inspired me not to listen.