Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (6-30-16)


Tonight Shaun speaks about a great many things, including Wombats, Killer Kangy’s, BREXIT, crappy schools, sending the tribe to the moon, forgetting how to be human and much more….

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Anthony Roberts

Shaun, take a look at the alpha male in Sinead’s ‘Alt Right In A Nutshell Cringefest’ vid on jewtube ( 3:00 mins in. ) These are the warriors telling our fine white ladies they just need to submit, be more traditional and except their 2nd class semitic status lol!
Being a child of the 70’s, i loved Skippy here in the UK. ” What’s that Skippy…tut tut tut, tut tut, tut, tut tut….evil jewish parasites are pushing filth and degeneracy and want to genocide the white race! – quick, let’s go and get ’em.” Oh happy innocent days.
Great show. Serious subjects, good advice and lots of humour!


As far as the jews go, there is NO PLACE on this planet for them to be sent. Send them into the void where they belong.


I don’t see any Marxist or capitalist jewish influence behind Brexit. The whites have spoken and the jews are shreiking racism and xenophobia.

Totally agree aaron !

Kike Slayer

The vote wouldn’t have been given if it wasn’t controlled. The fact that the kike owned Express newspaper put a front page article about the queen questioning ‘what good reason do we have for being in the EU’, and it wasn’t retracted by the royals PR machine, shows that the ruling class here wanted out. The queen is merely a figurehead of an Dukedom oligarchal model, so whatever she is saying, is on demand of the other Dukes and financier oligarchs in The City. The ruling class have seen the writing on the wall, i.e the EU is finished for their use, and have created major business deals with China several months ago when the Chink leader met the queen. The City has most of… Read more »


I agree that it was a controlled result either way: the train is going to it’s destination but do you want to have red or blue. I have no idea what is happeing, but the only thing I can assume at the moment is that is was both a piss test to acquire reaction information, and to give the national element a tactical concession to think they have won something in order to ensure a false sense of reality. You may have only been let out of this net into another one.


On this note, I was scanning through the ol’ Protokulz to see if I could find anything prescient on this move, and I found protocols 4, 5 and 9 possibly hinting at something. In my version pages 18-19 in the pdf has some interesting notes on European side of things. They are very bombastic and inspecific, but I was hoping to pick out some form of strategy in them to see if anything could be garnered from them. At a rough guess, I think they want to perhaps prove to the UK that the EU was a good thing by meddling with the domestic economy and then having the UK capitulate to the US and NATO for complete merging after the UK crashes or the… Read more »

Nick Spero

Thanks for posting this link. I’ve been sharing it for over a week. People should really pay attention. There’s solid information in this article.

Nick Spero

You said someone was the original Alex Jones–Peter Shank? Schenck? How do you spell that?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying as he was the original Alex Jones, because he did things so differently, such as reveal the jews, the spics and the blacks… But yeah, he was revealing all of this before Alex was scratching the surface back on RBN. His name is Peter Schaenk. The last network he was on, was VOR. They stabbed him in the back so he took his final leave. I only heard from him once since, where he let me know that he is focusing on his new babies. He always preached about how we need to breed a lot more as white people, because the 3rd worlders and their ilk are out breeding us. We need more white soldiers is what… Read more »