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Shawna Marie

“yes but it’s not ALL jews”
My reply
” it’s not ALL jews but it’s ALWAYS jews”

That’s one of the things I say to many people. I’m not sure if your comment is directed at me or the people that say, “not all jews” but I for one hold ALLLLLLLLL JEEEEWWWWWWSSSSSSS accountable.

As I have said on he show so many times, “as long as you bear the title jew, you are qualified as Talmudic, so therefore you are to be held accountable….” Period.

Cheers for listening Shawna.

I blame all jews, because the average jew is taught by their rabbi to hate the goys, so unless they speak out about what’s really going on in judaism, they are as bad as zionists.


I blame all jews until all the jews stop blaming all the Germans, and withdraw and repay ALL the ‘reparations’ leeched.


The jews have a lot of lackeys to do their evil. These traitors – politicians, police chiefs, councillors, charity and quango bosses – are all part of the complicity. They will be punished for all the lives and potential ruined.
PS I’ll gladly be your assistant ‘lever puller’ when you are off on a camping trek or visiting the states. Even that’s too good for some – the sickos!


I just came across this 1945 U.S. academy award winning film on YouTube Hitler Lives! Brace yourselves.

On the ball

Can’t wait for Shaun to come out and tell us the Orlando nightclub shooting was real. Shaun is spot-on with a lot of things, but when it comes to these obvious hoax “shootings” he goes into hyper-goy mode and believes every last word the jew media spews out.

Yeah, you’re a real comedian troll boy. There are both shootings that I think were real and shootings such as Sandy Hook that I think were not. As I have clearly stated in the past. Just because I don’t believe that ALLLLLLLLLLL shootings are faked, does not mean for a moment that I am going to think ALLLLLLL of them are real. Believe it or not, my thoughts are a little “greyer” than that. You obviously haven’t listened to my show for very long lamer. If you had, you would have heard the show I did with Lee Rogers where we discussed Sandy Hook and how we believed it to be a hoax, due to some of the same actors in it for just a… Read more »

On the ball

Don’t get all butt-hurt, sweetheart. Even a toad could see Sandy Hook was a hoax. You get zero points on that one. It’s all the obvious hoaxes you call real, that is the problem.

Please name these obvious hoaxes so that we can do the check list, because you will probably be surprised.

Question for you “On the Balls”, is this Steven or Pat? Because you stink of both.

On the ball

Look honey, just because I had a single casual sexual encounter in high school with a male roommate doesn’t mean I’m gay & like balls ok! ALL shootings are hoaxes ok? ALL of them! In fact EVERYTHING is a lie and NOTHING is real!!! Did you know that guns, just like nukes are actually ALL just a hoax?! Guns kill people I hear you say? BWAHAHAHA! No sucker it’s ALL fake! In fact I’m actually going to reveal to you the actual TRUTH that I discovered after all my years of research that is BETTER than yours because I read better books & use bigger words & stuff & yeah it just is! Are you ready? You might want to sit down for this and… Read more »

Shield Maiden

Nigga, you be trippin’!