Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (7-22-16)


This week on TCTA, Shaun covers most of Digger for Truth’s bullet points from his article over at the Renegade Tribune. He also speaks briefly about the importance of people like Beattie Boy.

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4 years ago

Just finished listening to intro Shaun. Praise for jb = praise for all RB. Imagine listeners, having to put up 24/7, with computers & equipment in your room, as Shaun does. Kyle on duty as well. Upgrading lettuce needed.

Reply to  John Beattie
4 years ago

Show tops…..caller Keith with Shaun spotlight against queers. Meanwhile at “REPUBLICAN CON VENTION”, head of paypal received standing ovation, for “coming out” as queer. THIS AT THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION ? Hard to distinguish their gathering from Hillary’s. WHAT A FARCE. Yet duck davie duke promotes Trump ?

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