Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-11-16)


Shaun speaks about the questions asked in order to get a temporary Visa to go to the US and has a laugh at how ridiculous they are.  He also speaks on some comments made on other broadcasts here on the network and then moves onto some Renegade Tribune and Daily Slave articles…  And much more as usual.

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Your posh and fag voice impressions destroyed me.


Cigarettes are not a tobacco product, so the principle of to each his own does not apply. They are a vehicle for the toxic additives. If cigarette smoke were merely a passing nuisance, that’d be one thing, but they trigger neural disautonomia which manifests in a wide array of symptoms one wouldn’t necessarily associate with smoke. Intoxication can persist for many hours too, so most people frequently exposed to it don’t even know and, like myself for years, will attribute their discomfort and suboptimum functioning to other things, like lack of vigorous exercise, poor diet, aging, etc. For me, there is 100% predictability with the onset of symptoms and the proximity of a burning cigarette – even at considerable distance and undetectable by scent. I… Read more »


Re: why Muslims want to change their host culture. When they say they come here for a better life that is a lie. They call it taqqiya, deceiving the infidel for the cause of Islam. The only reason they migrate to other countries is to spread Islam as evidenced by their incessant demands for the continual islamification of their host country. They are ALWAYS waging jihad against the infidel. The end goal of Islam is to convert the entire world. Muslimes eat, drink and breathe conquest from birth. They are steeped in it their entire lives.

I’m just posting this for a laugh, the effects of Drugs and Cultural Marxism, Punch Bowl Sydney:


Great show as always. I’m going to have to flip my hair back and admit to posting that vid, here it is again , it is worth watching it is so uplifting

Here is another one in Germany where they have the lights off at an apocalyptic intersection which would have official jowels flapping at the thought of not having people receive instructions on how to behave from some State approved construct

Portishead has actually stopped using lights since then, forever!

Nick Dean

wrt to donations (listeners paying you for your work), please do keep bitcoin, and soon, zcash in mind.


I think you underestimate the effect cigarette smoke has on some people, and probably most people. I didn’t know why I felt run-down, achy, and unfocused 90% of the time until the old lady chain-smoker across the street died and her house was vacant for several months. In fact, I didn’t even realize she had died and thought whatever was making my house toxic had kinda just cleared itself up. Those three or four months were the most relaxed, confident, clear-headed I’ve been probably since college, when I lived out in the woods, twenty years ago. As of last month, that house is no longer vacant. Smokers. Wakes me up at 5:30-6:00 in the morning when one of them has his first cig in bed… Read more »


You sound like you have chronic arsenic poisoning. Most of us have some level of it. One of the side effects is heightened sensitivity to various chemicals, odors, and other things. You should seriously consider doing a hair test. I’ve personally relied upon Doctor’s Data hair analysis in my ongoing heavy metal detoxification and it’s been extremely useful in helping to balance the minerals that have too much or too little of as a result of disturbed mineral transport from mercury toxicity (dental amalgams). A hair test is $60 USD if you pay out of pocket. There’s more info in a hair test than most labs you can get for other things. You can determine thyroid and adrenal health. Get the normal hair test, not… Read more »


hey Shaun, you know the band Hammerfall, Swedish metal, have a great song called Renegade, I”m sure you can use it somewhere. Big fan in Victoria, Canada!

I love it! I’ll put that in mine and the RT bump lineup. And also into the lineups of any other hosts that want it.

Cheers for that, Justin.



Mannnnn. You are a C++ swordsman? Holy fff, how about coding a really barebones fast, internet telecom application and sell it!

I wouldn’t call me a C++ swordsman Sky. I coded very basic stuff, such as calculators and random seed generators and that was a LOOOONGGG time ago. My C++ is about as rusty as my Italian these days. But my point is, that I could always touch up on it and learn more if push came to shove.


If 6M jews actually died, what was the name of the 5,999,999th jew?


Check out this tune. The lyrics made me think of the European “situation”