Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-18-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about the Abbos after being triggered by one in the comments section of Digger for Truths blog. Digger for Truth is a gentleman that has been writing for the Renegade Tribune for some time now and has earned the respect of many readers.  Also tonight, Shaun spoke of websites against white people, after an emailer sent him a great load of information on the subject.

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Hi Shaun, it’s kind of late here in Florida, missed the show but you can be sure I will give a listen to the mp3 in the morning. I know you are busy but I wanted to pass on a video that had me absolutely screaming. It is on jewtube but I saw it on the tele over the antenna here. NASA MissionSTEM 2016. I could explain it but to be brief it covers how the government is using NASA to use change agents to eliminate White men from tv commercials, using Hollywood to change leading actors, re-engineer all institutions established by White men locally, regionally and across the world. I actually could not believe it as I flipped the channel and this BS was… Read more »

There’s no doubt that the noose has been tightening on NASA over the decades, especially more recently to the point now it is totally infiltrated and they go so far as to make false statements etc, to discredit what was achieved in the past. Correspondingly, the rise of these Flat Earthers use this infiltration of NASA and the false statements further exacerbate the situation in some sort of Dead Man Fuzzing Psyop of confusion. It is obvious for anyone old enough to see what’s been going on, especially of late. Charles Giuliani made a statement saying that there is a Lava Deposit on the Far Side of the Moon @ Lat’ 19.5 Deg’, but had previously said no Satellite could pass through the dreaded “Van… Read more »


NASA was created by the Swedish Jew US President. It has always been a scam; it was never infiltrated.

I’ve always thought sour of NASA on the most part, but it seems shit really hit the fan when the military industrial complex took over it.

Robert Heimdal

Impossible to share this program on social media (Zuckerbook). I enjoyed your last program greatly Shaun. Keep the good work 😉

Took me several attempts to download the .mp3. because Annon Crew Jew DDos wankers. Great show, I share all the thoughts and have experienced some of the things you have. I’ve lived in Sydney suburbs and in Western Australia over the years and traveled a lot in the past. Not long ago I had to drive my mother to a voting booth held at a suburban School in WA. There was about 3 Australians I saw, the rest were from all over the place, mostly various Blacks. One, this little Nigglet, was the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen, it was looking at me and my mother because we were the only whites queuing up to vote (I don’t vote because i’m not on the Electoral… Read more »

Enjoy hearing the unvarnished descriptions of Aboriginal mentality and behavior since I’ve never seen any outside of the occasional movie like Walkabout or Quigley Down Under. They seem to receive some of the same noble and stoic depiction that Native Americans have traditionally gotten in the U.S.


Excellent description how ungrateful these Niggers really are and that “respect and dignity to one another” doesn’t appeal to a low IQ, low trust race, as it appeals to Man.




Shaun, you gotta have Natt on sometime. He’s the Danish dude that Sinead recently interviewed.

Oh dear. Everything was going so well until I was inflicted with the effeminate, pompous ass (in the donkey sense) voice of Dick the Dork, aka Richard Dawkins, and his sanctimonious bullshit.

You can trust me when I say, that I respect him not much more than you Mary. He has some interesting things to say occasionally, but other than that, he’s not much better than Tony Abbott. In this case, the message he was conveying, was gripping enough that I kept it in my break lineup. If people want to turn the show off because of that, then they were never meant to listen to my broadcasts in the first place. On the same token, I had somebody write to me a week back about how I am a race traitor because I have “Bjork” in my bump music. Whilst Bjork might look kind of like an eskimo midget, she’s actually a white Icelandic lass. So… Read more »

Well Shaun, You have just proved what a dickhead you are. You and the English Ponce have bollocks together!

And just for the record, I am English, though of Irish descent.

Dork is the worst kind of ‘Champagne Socialist’ – a politically correct moron who actually despises ordinary folk.


and WHAT have you ever contributed to the fight against white genocide mary??? im no fan of dorky dawkins but it dont trigger me to start bitching about shaun and calling him names, get some perspective and grow the fuck up or just leave the comments to the adults.

Hey Mary. Go and fuck yourself. I was saying it as respectfully as I could, but now, you can just go and fuck yourself. You have now qualified for my “fuck stick” of the week award for the next show.

Useless bitch. There is nothing Irish about you.

‘bjork’ is an ashkenazi jew, most whites in iceland are in fact ashkenazi. She is also not a ‘lass’ as in some postive feminine way, she is an a-s, you must have missed her assaulting a girl at an airport because she asked for an autograph. Ashkenazi.