Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-25-16)


Tonight Shaun speaks about the Census in Australia. He also talks on the problems we are having with being attacked here at Renegade. And much more as usual…

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Since at least as early as the Domesday book of William the Conqueror tyrants have been inventory-ing their Live Stock. It’s nothing new except the tyrant doesn’t want to pay inspectors so they just threaten the Live Stock into doing it for them – and if they don’t they will take their little amount of allowance.

No one was at the residence on census night so no data to report. Sorry about that. You wouldn’t want me to give false information, would you?

Circus Maximus

Awesome show Shaun!

Shaun, that Census thing was a scam. They came to my place and I told them “sorry, the web-site was down”. They asked me where I was that night. I told them I was round my mothers and I was on her form without supplying any other info and then they left. They mentioned nothing about fines and I don’t believe it was actually Gov sanctioned per’ se’ because I checked the Twitter hash-tag and most were saying the same thing.

Not illegal to vote if you’re not on the Election Role *Wink* Save 100 bucks every year 🙂

Census = Gov’ in collusion with Real Estates for migrant importation profits.


Love listening to Shaun. He’s a wild man!! Would have loved to be there to see him deal with those census people except he’s kind of scary ???


Where’s Charlie?


Charlie has been wrestling with all the heliocentric poppycock i sent him, trying to reconcile anomalies in the silly model. he’ll be busy for a while

Falcon, if you want to know where Charles is, fuck of to his comment section and ask him. And if he doesn’t answer you, don’t fucking blame Kyle or me for him ignoring the website and/or his listeners, because that has nothing to do with us.

You come into my comments area asking where Charles is? YOU’RE the dick!!


No Charlie again today? What’s up?