Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-27-15)


Tonight/Today, you will get Shaun’s take on the Virginia shooter including commentary about the videos getting around screaming false flag. Comments made over at the Slave and here on Renegade Broadcasting. Your phone calls and much more as usual.

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8 years ago

Hello there! I don’t know if this Virginia shooting is another operation, but i just find strange how the women stood still as while the killer quadroon appeared and pointed the gun at them, for quite a few seconds, and furthermore, if the killer had a story of conflict with them that’s just another reason why they should have been alarmed. We have a wide field of vision and a so called blind field of vision that allow us to spot movement practically behind our backs, not to mention our instinct, were the women so concentrated in what they were doing that they haven’t seen the piece of shit coming? even if they are trained not to look. Just my opinion, i’m not trying to… Read more »

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