Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (8-4-16)


On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about “NO NO NO” parenting and how we can improve the puzzle solving with our children. He then goes on to talk about Graham’s good points when it comes to agreeing to disagree on certain matters. He then segues into the attention drawn to Giuliani’s rants on Hitler and takes calls on the matter.

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Anthony Roberts

Fine show Shaun. I have to agree with you about helping whites first. Jews and all the other races have used our empathy and compassion against us. No other race would turn on their own kind to help whitey. The sooner we all wake up to this harsh fact the better. That’s why the jew is brain-dirtying our white youth to be cuckolds – it aids their genocide agenda. Hitler understood a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Would he have allowed people to get so obese that they can’t walk? Allow them to access jew porn? Invite invaders to come in and rape our people? No siree! He saw the parasitic disease causing this and kicked them out. This has got… Read more »


No other race helps White man, they are all intent on pillaging and sponging. The only time they help you up is so they can steal off you later in one form or other. White man is on his own here, all other incompetent darkies want to leech-mine the empathy and potential of the White man for their own existence.

Axe of Perun

The stronger must dominate, because only they can resist the Evil the Jew represents. The stronger represent not only physically stronger people – but disciplined, willpowered, sane, intelligent and highly loyal people who will not sell their soul to the Devil which is the Jew. Charles doesn’t grasp the concept of what it takes to fight Evil. He may have abandoned the Bible, but he still seems to live in its Mentality. One cannot, one must not allow Evil to corrupt the masses because the masses, by definition of Nature, are not strong enough to resist it at all times. You protect them because you Love them. This was something that Hitler attempted to achieve; and had he done so – there would be no… Read more »

Australian men Vs Australian women? That’s ridiculous. I am not in battle with my white Australian women. I am in battle with the jew and everything they have caused. Whilst feminism is one of those things, I do not make it a task to fight with the females here. Annihilate feminism and the women will be fine. Same goes for fgtow (fagtow aka mgtow), annihilate that and the men will be fine.

How do we annihilate mgtow and feminism? We put the jews in their place. And we all know what place that is.


A judenstern for the jewkeeper of the post. Squeal on the reveal!


Did mommy leave the gate to your playpen open again? Disgusting how some parents just let their liitluns run free!

Robert Heimdal

I don’t understand what the hell Giuliani is doing at Renegade sincerely. I’ve known this guy for a number of years. Never liked him. Anyway, I have to listen to the entire show to get to my final conclusion about him. Keep the good work Shaun 😉

Heinrich The Cleaner

The only “REAL fucking problem” around here is detritus like you washing up in the comments sections. But no worries, a BIG CLEANUP is inevitable and there WON’T be any recycling in the next refuse programme! 😉

Bad Bubby

No. I’m with Heinrich. You KIKES are going down one way or another! It’s a certainty & not one scrap of your usual psychobabble will save you this time round! Bye bye ratface!


“Consciously or unconsciously, the Nordic spirit distinguishes between two worlds—the world of freedom and the world of nature.”

Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946) “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”

how true


To the guy that complained Hitler suicided himself and thought that was low character, when the Allied powers caught Mussolini they hung his body upside down for the town to see and took pictures of it. Hitler probably didn’t want this for himself.


I saw one of Sinead’s videos about “There Are No Forests on a Flat Earth”. I thought it was a fascinating video. Shaun, if you’ve seen the video, I’d love to hear your comments about it. (Watch the version with captions as the Russian narrator is kind of hard to understand.)


It definitely opened me up to something I never even thought about. That we are being distracted from this planet being stripped into a wasteland by something/one and it has been going on for millennia. It certainly rings true on some level.


Is Gilad Atzmon a good jew? Is there even such a creature as a “good jew”? Google “Myth of the Good Jew: Gilad Atzmon is Irrelevant”.

Great show Shaun, really enjoyed it !


Been trying to call into the round table, but keep getting a busy signal.


Why is Graham Hart still not listed in the “Shows” menu? It’s been months!


Excellent show. Splendid qualification of what Hitler was about. I believe he was manipulated in the end, but what he did for Germany is not to be overlooked, and also what his sentiments were.


I’ve found myself in a weired situation.
I was one of the first one’s on tweeter with other Renegades (when I had an account) to criticize PanZSaul and other altright cucks for talking shit about Hitler to appease the mainstream.
And now here I am defending Mr. Giuliani over his understandable criticisms of Hitler.
It’s a personal character I guess but I defend people who are honest and genuine even if they are wrong and I disagree with them.
Give it some time and he’ll start a different chapter soon.
I emailed him Scott Roberts’s new video on kosher foods (which by itself is controversial) so Charles and Scott can get to know each other and discuss it.

What about his criticisms were understandable?


Jeanice Barcelo is awesome. You should have her back on your show along with Urban Jungle Girl.