Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-15-16)


Shaun discusses the Graham Debacle, the Kosher tax, the ownership of the Internet, more on microcephaly, the Rockefeller and allopathy, and more.

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serious 45

New Orleans turned into a hell hole just like Detroit Shaun, when the Jew loving Democrats turned the city over to black leadership. I am from New Orleans and I don’t even go into the city since it became so crime ridden. The Jews own everything in N.O. and get money from the high end hotels in the city and the poor blacks that buy crap in their crap retail stores. The whites migrated to the outskirts of the city and after Hurricane Katrina, the blacks came in droves to the outskirts. Now the whites have migrated again further away from the city. The whites keep going further and further out to rural areas and the blacks are taking over nice cities. The absolute reverse… Read more »


New Orleans is a hole? You mean no Blacks are building Pyramids and large scale monolithic temples in Golden Mean proportion?




I live in suburb of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish. New Orleans was completely under white political control until the jews put in Moon the Coon Landrieu, who had negro blood in his background. For his treachery and race treason he was made Secretary of HUD. The jews own New Orleans from top to bottom, TV, Newspaper, politicians, you name it. Since then, all the elected officials are race traitors beholden to the jew. Another race traitor Landrieu is now mayor, and he wants to remove all Confederate monuments to appease his jew masters.


Hi Shaun. good show. judging from things Graham said in his shows in the past and what he said on his last show im convinced he was just an infiltrator waiting for the right moment to spew his bullshit on the air. and now trolling the comments section, Brizer must be his overprotective boyfriend LOL!!!!. It’s a good thing to can Graham. It’s time to throw out the trash. Keep up the good work Kyle and Shaun and all of Renegade. you’re the best

Anthony Roberts

So much for being emotional, it’s all the ladies on this network who have seen through this bs – we salute your clear thinking. To be so naive at this time in our genocide is bloody ridiculous. We haven’t time to explore our inner feels, when our white skin is being attacked by jew poison, or worse, machetes. There are NO GOOD JEWS, BLACKS OR ARABS – PERIOD! That is the truth and it’s been Renegade’s message from day one. PS Well said Shaun, and good show. Thank you to all the hosts – i don’t know how you stay sane sometimes. Remember folks, you can choose to listen to a host/shows that suit your own tastes but the Renegade message is always the same… Read more »


Amen brother.


Awesome show as always Shaun.
Even though I appreciate Graham as a man, the fault was his for how things happened.
Renegade is real and upfront and that’s why many like and dislike it.
Regarding the “kosher tax”, how about if you have Scott Roberts on for specifically this topic. He says all that many know but, in addition, he brings some evidence that, with the kosher symbols, they signal to their fellow jews that the food is held to a better health standard and not tainted. There are books written about this by jews for jews.
And finally, what’s your opinion on ham radios as an alternative form of communication? I just started researching about them.

I’ll try and get JimmyX on soon to discuss Ham Radio Yrton. He has been in radio all of his life and understands Ham Radio more than most.

Cheers for listening, mate.



I was not a regular listener to Graham. I did listen to some of his last show about how the Jews are good. My question: Who paid him to sabotage this network? Who paid?

John A

Maybe there should be a simple pre-screening for Renegade hosts…”Do you wish the Holocaust was real?” The answer to that question pretty much gets it out on the table, everything one needs to know. If “no”, they know it was BS but don’t hate Jews enough. If “FUCK YES!”…they’re good to go cuz they realize it was BS and that we’d be better off without them. If they just stare off into space, they haven’t even figured out that history has been re-written and need to go back to the beginning and start over. Ya’ll handled Graham as his behavior called for. 5 minutes into his rant and I heard him screaming a “FUCK YOU!” to me and everyone at Renegade and everyone else listening.… Read more »



mike angelo

To think I was nearly taken in by Graham Hart’s bullshit. As for that twat Brizer. What a pair of shills. They need to go and get circumcised if they are not already !.
Great broadcast thank you.


Great show! Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication!


Excellent music at 1 hour 59 minutes. What’s that?

Hi CTS. That song was from the soundtrack of Point Break. Not the new homosexual version of the movie, but the older version with Patrick Swayze.

Stay cool man.


We are the only ones that can beat the devil at his own game.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

I suspect the jewish symbols on goy food and blessings have an esoteric element to it, perhaps signifying jewish dominance at the spiritual or occult level. The goy are essentially eating blessed food: the ‘body and the blood’ of Yahweh or some similar meaning.

Also, on the White Supremacist Harry Potter flick, Imperium, it is Kosher salt nullifying the explosives of the Aryan, White ‘supremacists’. The jewish star or hexagram was made extra large so as to be picked up at the subconscious level, thus resonating within the psyche (and universe) of those who watched, thereby reinforcing jewish dominance via sympathetic magic.


Yup, I heard the Graham podcast and when he sounded off about whites basically being the cause of everything bad I had to cringe. But he is right about the Jews, though. Not all Jews are bad, and too blame Jews for everything bad in the world is ridiculous. At the very least, Jews only take what you give them so in a way whites are weak for even allowing organized Jewry to exploit them to the extent that they have. As for Shawn, maybe his heart’s in the right place, but going into a profanity-filled fit is not going to draw more whites to the cause. It actually does the opposite; it drives them away.

Wrong again Ronny. Since I have “Unleashed” ( ) I have gained more white listeners than ever before.

Just because you BETA pussy cucks don’t want to have to man up, doesn’t mean for a moment that others won’t.

Fuck off to Alex “jew boy” Jones where all the cowards belong, because Renegade doesn’t need you.

Oh and Ronny…



So if we’re not rabid Jew-haters and we don’t think that Jews are the cause for every evil in the world we can’t love our own people because we aren’t “manning up”, as you like to call it? Oh really? Are the Clintons Jewish? Are the Bushes? What about Merkel? And what about the dozens and dozens of other whites who are actively trying to destroy whites and white culture? What are they, crypto-Jews? And just because you hate Jews and blame them for everything doesn’t mean you love your own people more than any other white does. So if whites like me don’t fit into your little utopia of paranoid Jew-hating “white nationalists”, then tough- so be it. We will move on. Unlike you,… Read more »

The JQ needs some solid defining. I also dont see how ‘every’ Jew can be bad or a schemer against whites. I see how Jews are a huge problem, how they as a group have taken a wrecking ball to western civ and have undermined whites- I get it. I intensely dislike or even hate the Jewish group dynamic, and I hate many Jews. However- I know there are Jews out there who know nothing about Talmud, there are Jews who identify mostly with whites and white interests. They exist. To say that ‘all’ Jews are bad is kinda like saying all whites are good or all blacks are bad, which is not true either. The breaking point is when Jews feel threatened as a… Read more »


I agree with almost all that you say. If whites want to get the upper hand in this deadly game, they have to cut the snake at the head, and that means printing their own money again and taking back control of their own financial interests. That is the key. And as for those Jewish organizations like the ADL, World Jewish Congress, etc, etc, whites must make them irrelevant and do so at all costs. If whites don’t get back control of their financial and political destiny, nothing will change, and going after every single Jew isn’t going to get the job done. For me, I don’t care if it is a Jew or not who is doing it because whites have many enemies who… Read more »

Benign Jews only exist as they are the group in power. If we went after the elite kikes, those lower level kikes would mobilise against us. The majority of kikes are extreme cucks and get off at the idea that the elites of this world are kikes, even if they aren’t rich theselves. All the elites need to say is that jews are being attacked, and those cucked faggot kikes come out to protect that power structure. There is simply no way to filter them, as if they were raised as kikes, they are indoctrinated to be in perpetual fear of another group being in power. While they are in power, they might be able to fit in, they might even dislike niggers and be… Read more »


clinton is of morrocan jewish descent and merkel is a polish jew.


??? Or in other words he’s a Sephardic Jew? You got a source for that?


Ronaldwitz why are you sucking rabbi dick?


Or in short, Shawn, grow the hell up- if not for yourself then for your people…

Ron if I had have wanted to listen to your shit, I would have farted. I’ve done more for my people than you could imagine. Unlike you, that sits around in comment areas trolling. You pussies don’t like the way I do things, simply because it makes you look bad, as you are petrified of true confrontation. I am not. I go head to head with people on every level, whereas you are nothing but a comment coward. Some of us are warriors and some of us are pussy bitches. C’est la vie, you little pussy fuck. I have better things to do with my time right now, so please, busy yourself with your local Rabbi and whilst he’s chewing off your foreskin, say “oy… Read more »


Wow, Shaun, beating your chest and showing how many hairs you have on it seems to be of the utmost priority to you. Could it be that this over-eagerness to appear all tough and bad derives from an insecurity you have from being sodomized as a young kid? Maybe you should seek psychological counselling. I really for sorry for you and you can’t control what happened in the past but that doesn’t give you the right to act like a total jerk off to anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you. And you’ve helped your people more than I have? How’s that, buddy? If you can’t keep your composure over the slightest thing that bothers you and blow a fuse every time things… Read more »


hey ron, were the fuck do you get off of mouthing off like that you passive aggressive little bitch??? how many of our folk have you woken up in your little life mate? why dont you fuck off back under the little rock you crawled out from, we dont need weak cunts like you on the front line, better fuck off now and let the real men fight the war against ALL JEWS, maybe you can get in the fuckin oven with them 🙂

I think you underestimate me Ron, you fuck wit. I most often don’t blow a fuse. It’s only at show time I do that, because it’s so effective at showing up pussy fucks like you. At home time, including whilst I am here in the comments section, I am more than relaxed. You give yourself WAY too much credit in thinking that you are getting under my skin. Just because I use bad language here, does not mean for a moment, I am angry. You’re not that retarded are you? Wait a minute, maybe you are! You say that I am acting like a “jerk off” yet, full well knowing that my family was molested, you use sick and twisted shit such as “insecurity you… Read more »


Yep, Ron you crossed the line & exposed the real you with that nasty little psychological attack on Shaun there. See, when the comments are unedited the truth will out!
As for “I didn’t really want to dig up the guy’s past…”. Well.. you did and pretty damn quickly too. Your comments are chock full of jew-like contradictions. As Shaun said, if you ain’t a jew you sure as hell are acting like a typical one! You need to get a clue as to what’s actually happening here ‘cos that hole you’re digging sure is getting deep!

Shield Maiden

That’s just an out and out shitty thing to say Ron. I mean, really? Throwing someone’s trauma and abuse in their face is just plain cruel. WTF?


I didn’t really want to dig up the guy’s past, but do you know what? Shaun isn’t the only guy who’s had it tough. I was taken away from my parents when I was 3 because they abused me (not sexually) and I went through 2 foster homes before I was adopted so I’ve had it rough too. But it made me tough and I grew because of it and I didn’t become a bitter paranoid son-of-a-bitch like certain other people. I get tired of this guy talking all tough and acting like he got such a raw deal because of his childhood when people like me had it even worse and we came out of it ok. And I get tired of “white nationalists”… Read more »

This is not about whether you had it tough or not Ron. Nor is it about if I had it tough or not. It’s now about the sick fact that you would use such a thing against a person, after having it tough. If you had have been raped Ron, the last thing I would have said was, “well Ronnie, perhaps the fact you don’t agree with me, is because you were raped as a kid…” I’d never consider saying such a thing. You’re a sick cunt. I am able to sympathise with people that have had it tough Ron, even empathise, but where the fuck does that come into using somebodies hardships against them, just to win an argument or debate in a comments… Read more »


Shield Maiden

Of course you do, you fucking potty mouth. 🙂

John A

Ron are you for real!? There’s no shortage of tap-dancing, politically correct, socially acceptable media organizations who cater to the well-mannered cuck….take your pick.


Me, PC. LOL! You’ve got the wrong person for sure, buddy.


so why are you acting like a little pussy bitch?????


And how am I acting like a pussy bitch? Is it because I don’t agree with everything you say? Or maybe I don’t beat my chest and act like a wannabe tough guy like you? Grow the hell up.


Yup, I heard the Graham podcast and when he sounded off about whites basically being the cause of everything bad I had to cringe. But he is right about the Jews, though. Not all Jews are bad, and to blame Jews for everything bad in the world is ridiculous. At the very least, Jews only take what you give them so in a way whites are weak for even allowing organized Jewry to exploit them to the extent that they have. As for Shawn, maybe his heart’s in the right place, but going into a profanity-filled fit is not going to draw more whites to the cause. It actually does the opposite; it drives them away.

Shaun isn’t going to change so maybe this isn’t the show for you. We have other hosts that don’t swear. I’m not one of them.

Hahahahahahaha. God I love our Sinns… Don’t you love our Sinns Ladies and Gents? I love our Sinns…


I know, Sinead. I listen to you all the time and you’re down to earth and cool as far as I’m concerned. I know Shaun will give me hell as that’s what he does when people don’t see things the way he does but it is what it is. I’m not a Jew-lover by any stretch of the imagination but to blame only them for everything while not calling out the Clintons, Merkels, Bushes, etc, of the world isn’t going to solve much. Anyway, thanks for posting and I wish you and yours the best.

Hillary Clinton and Merkel are Jewish. The Bushes are related to the British royal family, who are jewish and have been since the Tudors (Tudor = Judah).


Merkel? Highly likely. Clinton? I doubt it. But who says you have to be Jewish to be a corrupt, power-hungry, self-serving bitch like Hillary? And btw, Bill Clinton is also related to the Royals although more distantly than the Bushes…