Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-29-16)


Shaun lets loose on a Giuliani caller that says, “jews need to be dumped off in Australia”.  He then moves on to speak about how white gentiles cannot “just get along” because of filthy (bowel) movements, such as the Alt-Right. Emailer partially blames Shaun for people not waking up as fast as they should. Digger For Truth is at it again, with his Anti-Semitism and commonsense, errrrr, ummmm, blatant racism and hate!

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I always look forward to your shows, Shaun! And have gone to your website if I need extra helpings, prefering the longer ones. Thank you! When did not prosecuting homos turn into sharing their sexlife with everyone? Or anyones sexlife for that matter? The sexualisation of our society is so appaling I don`t have the words for it! And the homo agenda in combination with porn has infected many hetero men as well. Like Sinead talked about in her last show, many girls and young women fell forced to act like pornstarts when thay are not comfortable with it to “be accepted”. And this includes this anal fixation quite a few boys/men have… Not knowing if you are inadvertantly getting something up the wrong hole… Read more »
Hi Anne. Cheers for the comment. I will say this about what Sinead had to say about girls having to act the way they do, due to boys acting out their porn: It falls on both boys and girls. I did not agree with her, in that she only blamed the boys without going into detail on both sides. Young ladies often look to porn to improve the way boys will think of them, when often enough, many young boys have not themselves even indulged in porn. So these boys too, often feel as though they have to look at porn to be the porn star to “fit in” if you will. This is not a one sided situation. Girls feel they need to act… Read more »

As a woman, I am not able to speak to how pornography affects young boys and men. I don’t think guys would appreciate a woman telling them what they think and feel. I also don’t recall me saying that boys are the only ones to blame. I don’t think I laid blame on either of them but on the jew. “Almost as bad as the whole Heathen Women website thing?” You seriously have a problem with a website dedicated to white nationalist women? Wow.

It hurts that my own clan mate would call me a feminist. I’m honesty shocked.

I think most, both men and women, confuse feminine with feminist. I never got how anyone could see you as a feminist, unless it was to discredit you or said confusion.
Re Shauns reply; I think that was more my initial comment than your show, and not my intention to put words in your mouth. I didn’t hear you out the blame on the boys, I was a bit unclear in what I said.

There is no need to be hurt Sinead. If I was going to be calling you a feminist any time soon, I would scream it on-air. I said that it’s “kind of a feminist ideal”. Even I have come up with feminist ideals from time to time and had to rethink them. This is often why I won’t comment on some of your shows. Sometimes I won’t listen to them, so that I don’t have to comment, because I know that you may become oversensitive about what I say. Who knows, you might feel the same about making comments under my show at times. I wasn’t biting your head off here, nor was I trying to be hurtful, I was just explaining where I stand… Read more »
I’ve just read your TCTA blogpost Shaun – i do hope you change your mind. You, Kyle and Sinead ARE Renegade. We all do and say rash things on yhe spur of the moment. I know, you have said you have felt this way for weeks, but please just have a think. Can i play devils? What you both have said is correct imo. First sinead, don’t get angry, to be honest i thought the same thing when you set up I just thought another section in the tribune would have been better – a ‘warrior women” section. I think it may have bonded our people further, and produce a better understanding, of the ordeals you ladies go through, in this male dominated arena.… Read more »


Are you still coming to America?

Yeah of course I am Yrton. I do not break my promises as long as the means remain reachable. I will not be going down as far as Florida any longer however. I am making new plans as we speak.

Look at it from this perspective, Shaun, this is a lose-lose for everyone except the enemy. There’s little time left. Our families and friendships are getting broken up as the enemy keeps its position against us (if not getting stronger).
Awareness is the very first step for solving any problem. What you and other great hosts on Renegade has been doing (and hopefully will do) is creating that awareness and so far successfully.
Simple observations.

I appreciate and respect you so much man to say this.
Go on a LONG LONG LONG LONG vacation if you want but don’t quit.
We need you and Renegade is THE platform because of Kyle, You, Sinead, and others.

I appreciate your concern Anthony, but as I stated very clearly in my article, Sineads and my disagreement has absolutely nothing to do with my decision to leave broadcasting. I also made it clear that this has been in the making for months, not just weeks. In all honesty, the concern Sinead has about my thoughts does not bother me in the slightest. It wouldn’t be constructive in any way for me to dwell on something that I see as almost nothing. You have to understand, I get called MGTOW almost every week these days via email, but do I give a fuck? Not at all. I didn’t expect Sinead to react the way she did to be honest. I thought it might sting a… Read more »

Thank you for replying Shaun. I do understand that you have many reasons for taking a step back from broadcasting. You are indeed correct, they are, and should remain, private.
You son & daughter are lucky to have such a caring father. It is important that you spend quality time with them and impart your wisdom – while they’re still young enough to listen lol.
I wish you and your family, health and happiness, and look forward to the odd RT or wildcard that you can squeeze in for us. G’day mate!

Your son is fortunate to have had a father to who he could talk about the disturbing behavior of girls at his school who, as you say were degenerate and trashy. I am sure you gave him very good advice, and it would have been nice if someone could have talked to the parents of those girls, or if some help via a third party/group could intervene. As far as Sinead’s discussion about porn’s effect, she was reading from statements, and then went on to tell how she realizes porn, particularly violent porn, also has bad effects on boys, and I would not have expected any more from her on that show. Also, I do understand why females and males sometimes want to have separate… Read more »
My purpose in making Heathen Women was to talk about women’s issues. I doubt men are very interested in the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth, menstruation, breastfeeding, menopause etc. I also thought it would be a great propaganda tool to show other women that there are unapologetically proud White nationalist women out there who can support them in these hard times. I also love that our commenters are both men and women and we post articles from our White men that we love dearly. To label that feminist is very hurtful, as I do not believe we are anti White or jewish in our work. I would also love if someone had a “Heathen Men’s” site where they talked about bettering men and men’s… Read more »
Thank you for a very thorough reply. I know you have strong feelings on this matter, and rightly so! It is clear from your show that you are a truly invested parent, your children are lucky to have a father like you. I truly commend you for your work, sir! I think we are in agreement on this topic; my intention wasnt to lay all the blame on the boys. Both are marinated in the same jew filth and are affected in the same ammount but different ways. Seeing what goes on these days I am horrified! A good example is the porn that is now prime time tv, aka reality tv. And somehow it is not porn if a small butterfly is placed in… Read more »

Yeah, for me it was more about the separating of the two sexes when it comes to the website. When we start making websites for the men and then the women, the two can often become divided to a point where we end up battling. I always thought that Renegades website, along side the Tribune was more than enough for both sexes to battle the jew. Sinead has explained in a previous post, that her website would talk to womens problems, so that helped clear a few things up at very least.

Cheers for your detailed comment, Anne.

I hear what you are saying! There are female issues that makes men freak out, and I don’t blame them.
I was grateful for having found Renegade already when the attack on white women ramped up last year. Many commentsections make the division between white men and women instead of between pro-white and anti-white. As a woman I find that a huge turn off. Renegades strong stand on this was really important for me. Thank you!

Burn out should be avoided, and I completely support Shaun’s decision to skip doing a weekly show. Like he writes, he can be counted on to do all the tasks he has been doing for Renegade, and if he has something to say, he will. And we can always write him, or call in when he is on the round table or guesting on other shows.

Shaun is young, witty, energetic, technical, and honest.
As I said, and it’s pretty obvious, awareness is the first step in solving any problem and what broadcasting does (and “broken record” thing that Shaun always says) is creating that awareness.
No one can deny that pro-White/jew-wise awareness has been growing exponentially just for the the past two years across the White world, thanks to these folks.
Thanks again, Shaun, and everybody else building this network for all your hard work.

Homorepulsives: People who are repulsed by faggots and queers and don’t want them around our children. -© Shaun Surplus 2016

Shaun shure does know how to say things!

Beautiful songs and lovely voice! In a sane world you would have been huge!

And by the way, since Kyle is the no. 1 White Man; does that make you the First White Lady?

Haha, brilliant! Congrats, Sinead!
I said that more in jest than anything, I’m laughing so hard right now! Cheers!

When I saw Kyle was #1 I had to ensure Sinead was also #1 so I photoshopped that real quick.

Another Great Mjolnir-wielding ThorsDay Show Shaun.
It starts with respect first and foremost, ESPECIALLY with our elders and women. When someone comes in and of all people starts complaining about Beattie and the lady Joyster, Mjolnir will be swung. I don’t care who you are. We don’t have time to pussy foot around with complainers. We are at war and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. If you don’t like it, fuck off and go DO SOMETHING yourself and quit whining. Hail Victory

Great show Shaun – informative and entertaining as always. I agree with you 100% on ‘working with’ the degenerates. They are the tools of our enemy. We need to remove the jew so the factory-farmed production line of these freaks is halted – and shut down permanently.
There is something and someone for everybody at Renegade. It’s a testament to Kyle’s vision and you brilliant hosts. It’s not that difficult to find a host and show that suits your personality.
PS I was laughing at your banjo strummers connotation. The little pluckers – It’s a good job they all have 6 fingers!
PPS Joyster – clever, confident and classy. #lucky boyfriend.

Great show as always Shaun.
You don’t have to justify your ‘swearing’ Shaun, I’m almost 70 and ‘swear’ all the time. It’s about time this becomes the norm. It’s only bloody words and may I add, very expressive ones. For those who do not like this, watch this
And what the fuck is wrong with these words and who decides what is ‘swearing’ and what is not. Could it be the jews……mmmmm. I wonder….
So good on you, without your ‘swearing’ you will not be yourself and neither will I be! This is who we are, true to ourselves and no beating about the bush. In this day and age, people still worry about small things like this. Unfuckinbelievable!

Exciting show with thoughtful strategy ! Thank You Shaun.

While jews tirelessly have kept doing what they do for the past many millennium, our people have became frustrated and left the already fruitful and effective movement over who knows what.
As Scott Roberts always says, “We can’t win this war if we don’t OUTWILL THE ENEMY.”
Call me a nobody but what I’m saying, out of love and concern for all of us, is true

Hi, Shawn. I have not listened to the last Truth Hertz show where you said that Guiliani has exclaimed that all gentiles should try to get along and effectively fight the Jews, and after hearing you, think it would help if you and all of those interested email Charles and ask him how inclusive he wants us to be. I know that in the past he, who has stated that he is of Italian and Greek ancestry, has said that he is against white nationalism, and I just learned yesterday from Meria Heller on The Richie Allen Show, that she was told that, at least once upon a time, the cards of Italian immigrants were stamped, ‘ not white’ and not entitled to the jobs… Read more »

Yeah that caller yesterday was a real brain dead idiot. i was laughing at him. Shaun, great show thanks for uploading. can i ask a question? What was that song you were playing at 16:00 ? it was beautiful and i’d like to hear the whole tune. whats the name of it and who recorded it ? Thanks

That song was called Perfect Day by Miriam Stockley. Enjoy Paula.

A Perfect Day – Miriam Stockley

Shaun has a great taste in music.

thank you so much, appreciate it 🙂

thanks Shaun. you’re the best 🙂

I just started listening to the show since I was WAY late getting to the live show, but I’ll say, that was a barrel of laughs in the after show-music show. Gladly kept me up till 2am and Shaun even played some Björk, cuz like me, he is a HUGE Bjork fan. 😉 He talked about how beautiful she is and everything. I only overslept about 1.5 hours and my boss woke me up with the cell phone. “What the fuck man, you comin’ to work today!?” It was worth it, thx Shaun! LMWAO! Gonna listen to the show now, 🙂

You’re a funny bastard, John. Whilst I don’t mind a couple of Bjorks songs, she looks WAY to ching chong for me. I don’t know where she gets that look, since her parents look very white and Icelandic. Her mother must have been sleeping with the postman and I think he must have been an Eskimo Midget.

Cheers for listening brother.

Ahhhh, it’s just her eyes man. She actually got teased in school a lot cuz everyone thought she was oriental. But I know she’s not, she has freckles man, ching-chongs don’t have freckles! LoL, I love her and no one can stop me. 🙂 I’ll get her DNA tested before we have any children together, just to be sure. Better get to it though, she’s over 50 now you know…

Bjork is a mudshark…she used to date that utterly shit drum and bass dj Goldie. Not that she was ever remotely fuckable with those mental health issues, hence she resorted to dating that negro equivilent.

Ah, that’s rough man. Sorry, I don’t love her for her political views. I have been a fan since long before I cared about such things. So quit trying to trigger me about it. Did she have any kids with the nigger? No. Did she marry the nigger? No. Does she have mental health issues? I dunno, she’s not been committed or anything. Are you a Jewish psychiatrist or a dumb-ass who buys into their definitions and created diagnosis’? Yes you are, by saying that. It’s one or the other cuz the third position is, she’s a multi-talented, eccentric artist who has more ability in her pinky toe than you or I do combined and you aren’t seemingly agreeing with me on that. What evidence… Read more »
And just to clarify, I am not defending miscegenation by any means. She WAS a mudshark. But that was like 20 years ago. And her talent is beyond comparable to that fucker DJ Goldie. You triggered me more for the “not remotely fuckable” and “mental health issues” BS…I have been through the “mental health” trap and I assure you, I am far more insane than she is, by Jewish psychiatric definition. Her only case of going berserker, was at at reporter who was harassing her and her young son, so she beat that bitch’s ass. If you think defending your children from scum-bag media vultures is a “mental health issue”, I’d have to call your sanity into question. That’s just natural parental instinct if you… Read more »

You say she WAS a mudshark, but jewish owned “musicians” become mudsharks to indoctrinate their fans to become mudsharks. You say she never produced any niglets, but how many of her fans got the messege its okay to be a race traitor?

You aren’t in the position to tell me where I should or shouldn’t give my opinion. You say “quit trying to trigger me” then write like someone completely triggered. You say she didn’t have kids or get married to the niggerS (multiple) that she dated, implying that you would be happy to go there still; so be it. People have standards, and yours are evidently extremely low. Maybe you can get Goldies herpes virus via Bjork? One doesn’t have to buy into the psychiatric industry terms to be able to give accurate descriptions of peoples behaviour. If some bitch is bat shit crazy, or officially bi-polar, then common sense says avoid her. No one in their right mind would watch interviews of Bjork, or read… Read more »
Critique me all you want. You don’t know me, you don’t know shit about music comparatively speaking, I promise you that. You assume that because I am a Bjork fan, that you can outlay the entirety of my musical knowledge and even my tastes. I am a classically trained pianist and been playing by ear since I was 4. Don’t talk to me about “real” music and allude to a list of composers any 8 year old would recognize. WOW, impressive! That’s very naive of you. Look, dickhead, you had a purpose behind what you wrote, and that was to piss me off. Well mission accomplished asshole, you’re a real warrior. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what what your excuse is for saying shit… Read more »
You can’t promise that at all. I can assume that if you listen to Bjork, then you were either badly trained, or just going through the motions. Go to any jazz club and you’ll find classically trained pianists that are bums, alcoholics, playing shit music to earn a living. Its certainly no pass into right thinking. You are triggered more by the fact that your idol is a mudshark who is jewish through-and-through. It is jewish music and nothing you can say will alter that fact. But I don’t judge or throw ad hominems about, I just observe different standards. Some people like watching jewish womens menstruation fall onto canvas, and call that art, and go by the desciption of being libtards/ Guardian/ HuffPost readers,… Read more »
I’ve never been to a jazz club (why have you?) I’m by no means at all, a liberal, never have been. Psychotic, maybe, according to Jew shrinks and you (what does that mean?). I am a fan of a musician/artist who I have liked since I was about 14 (long before I developed any serious political ideals). I still am and I’m not going to stop because you say she’s a non-talented, unfuckable and a mudshark (which truly has no bearing on what my life ever was, or will ever be). I was having a chuckle with Shaun about my admittedly strange Bjork fascination. You saw an opportunity to show someone how smart you are and how great a white warrior you are by jumping… Read more »

Ohh, now your prozac has worn off and your triggering calmed down you want to analyse my bullying behaviour? Whatever, I just pointed out that she is a mudshark, which is customary in these parts, and you got triggered. Listen to all of the Warner Brothers Music you like, but don’t cry when people point out its kike music.

I seriously don’t listen to ANY mainstream music, and I don’t think Bjork could ever have been considered mainstream, cept for a minute or 2 in 1994, when I was like 15 years old. The record jews snatched her up at a very young age and she learned quickly how to work around them, but certainly not after being used by them for a while. She does like 80& of the beats on her albums, all the composition,sampling/mixing, writing arrangements etc, is almost always her own, not some company producer. Often others are given credit for work that was hers’ entirely. Anyways, I don’t expect anyone to understand, it’s far from kike music that’s plain to see. I know it is weird and I don’t… Read more »