Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-8-16)


Shaun speaks about a biker gang that takes care of abused children, could become the answer we need.  He also discusses crop-circles a little and later speaks more on Microcephaly.

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Forgive me Ladies and Gents, I didn’t get to speak on the Kosher foods this week as planned. I will do so next week.

Sorry you weren’t feeling all that good, Shaun, and thank you so much for giving us great “the show must go on” moments, In particular I was grateful for your calling out some who have been less than gracious toward their contributors. You have so much heart and I always learn from you.

It’s people like you I would love to meet some day Listerine. Take care and thanks for listening.

Likewise. I never miss your broadcasts, and recognize your talents and efforts to make Renegade network as great as it is. When asked who I would like to be with if stranded on a deserted island, I answer, President John F. Kennedy, and I bet he would be proud of you. Btw. don’t blame you for wanting to move out of Australia. Iceland!!!

Robert Heimdal

Hi Shaun. I made my point pretty clear in the Crop Circle Swastika article that I don’t believe in aliens but I suppose that’s understood. I’m just saying it just in case somebody is still oblivious about it. There have been reports of anomalies found in the very wheat where the formations have been found. Quoting directly from this article (check: Multiple scientific analyses were made which have shown some notable modifications in the biological properties of the cereals (1) node elongations (2) water content reduced in these nodes (3) perforation or bursting of some nodes (4) Other analyses rigorously conducted by scientific researchers have shown some physical and chemical modifications of the soils (5) strange deposits of a white powder (6) unusual concentration… Read more »

Hey Heimdal. The segment wasn’t targeted at you necessarily. Whilst some of what I spoke about, does equate to what you wrote, I was talking in general more so. Your post over at the Tribune was just a slight trigger to things I had discussed in the past with many people that had similar things to say. Just for your understanding. As for points you have made here, I am well aware of quite a bit of it, especially when it comes to einstein (and I don’t cap his name very deliberately) and theories that relate. Hence why I said that some of the things he says add up while other shit doesn’t. kikes often speak a little truth amongst their crap to throw the… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

I appreciate your comments Shaun. Thanks for replying.

Hey Yrton, it’s working here mate, try it again. For some reason, people report this happening once in a while, but I don’t know why it happens. I don’t get this problem with any of the shows.

Robert Heimdal

No problems here to report as for the downloaded file. The exact time for the program is 2:00:00.

Anthony Roberts

One theory i’ve heard about the crop circles, is that our govs jewish tech centres are at least 50 yrs ahead of what they’re showing us. They have high-tech propulsion systems that create crazy patterns so they delibrately have teams, of varying quality, going around muddying the waters ( or fields ) with these patterns, all around the world to cover it up. Also, some of the wheat had breakages that couldn’t be caused by a piece of wood and i think there has been radiation levels above normal. See Richard Hall on jewtube. PS I don’t think it’s aliens lol – we have enough strange creatures with blacks and browns already. Immigrant black jobless family of 10 – given £44,000/ $47,000 a year in… Read more »


Yea, the stems on the “authentic” crop designs are bent over from some kind of elongation due to some kind of heat radiation.


Shaun did you hear about the United States giving up control of the Internet on October first? From what I understand they’re placing it in the hands of an international group to oversee the issuance of web address numbers. This may have an impact on free-speech on the Internet.

Kevin, have you seen the episode of “The IT Crowd” where they show how the Internet is not just a shoe box with a red light?

Forgive me, but you asked to be mocked on that one. The “US” NEVER had control of the Internet.

As for “web address numbers” (ip’s) they have had yours and mine for many years.

As for impact of “free speech”…. Free Speech? What is that exactly?

Forgive me, but I have a toothache and I just don’t have time for bullshit at the moment.

Use your brain a little more if you could.


Jaizus m8, the whole thing was already all guts out to the government. The system existed way back when, and they already have all your information, and have done since day zero. Oh and the DEEP WEB, a secret bulk of the iceberg, was from the NAVY! So no, they know everything about everyone already, we only find out about it very very slowly.


Was enjoying until it stopped at around 20 or 30 something minutes.
“File not found”.

Sam Hoidel

It happened to me with other renegade podcasts, downloads getting cut off with only a portion done. Additionally, it seems to happen more often when downloading multiple files at a time.
Just keep your eyes on the download list and restart if it happens again.

re-upload site should be the answer it does that sometimes with me


I think this is a codec conflict and a flash player balls up.. I get that when I have multiple browser windows open with video media active. It seems to fuck up if I have a youtube video first then open a RB file, but not the other way around. If in doubt shut down your browser and open RB first.