Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed: Jeanice Barcelo (7-29-16)


Tonight Shaun speaks with Jeanice Barcelo about child birth, the relationship between parents and the spirutality lost in hospitals and everything else that comes with jewish dominance.

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Steve L

I was at a London University Hospital lately and saw a poster advertising a forthcoming lecture, it read ‘ Vaccinations for babies before birth’ – the war on humanity starts before birth.


Anyone that says that a human intervention is necessary to compensate for some alleged “flaw” because Nature somehow missed out, is dangerous and a fucking liar.


Too bad the great YaYa didn’t have his “chosen ones” slice their nut sacks off. Would have put an end to that horrid, satanic tribe thousands of years ago.

Anthony Roberts

I think our creator(s) made us whole and perfect as we are. Only these jew psychos could butcher their own offspring; and then get the gentiles to follow. Don’t forget the other jew cult, islam, does it as well. They think it’s more hygienic – tahara i think it’s called. Another bunch of savage nutters who rape and disrespect ladies and only bond with their god. I think if you are in a loving relationship, and using a natural birth control method, you shouldn’t have to limit the physical side of things. I think that goes into the jew-age movement; a jew con-trick. It’s this intimate body-bonding, which jews lack, that takes the couple to a higher spiritual level of love imo. PS Good show… Read more »


In Nature, the jew is screwed. They have to create their alien world of asphalt, plastic and boredom (for the goy) which to some degree removes them from the Jungle Law (great RT article on this btw). Nature is perfect, and also infallible. The whole point is to work WITH Nature not against it. As if anything would allegedly win against the very Laws of Physics (God) that they are also subject to. The very notion has FALIURE as it’s principal premise. Faliure is the very foundation of this pissinformation that they have been pushing through movies that Nature is imperfect and has to be improved by a faulty meat sack. I have to stop now because I am getting thin bones even trying to… Read more »


Anybody know if the jews actually vaccinate their little kikettes? Jew doctors sure like to stick white children with their poisons.


I’m sure some do, but its definitely at lower rates, as they have issues with vaccine ingredients (many being pig derivatives), as well as that they are generally more health savvy due to hereditary inbreeding diseases they have, such as irritable bowel syndrome, which seems to be as prevalent amongst jews as ugly facial features.


Quite a while back I read a comment posted by a nurse working for a Jewish doctor. She said that his Jew patients got a different “batch” of vaccine from others getting vaccinated. I would say the moral is “don’t get the damn vaccinations”.


And never go to a fucking jew doctor. Really, don’t go to any doctor — “goy” or fucking jew.

Daniel, get the fuck out of my thread bitch. You don’t belong with my kind.

I’m the same Shaun Surplus that you’re dissing over at Beatties comment section.

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What they do is inject about 30psi of demon farts into the newly born scrimp, which comes out like a deflated balloon from the muddah. After the fart has been injected it takes the size and shape of an average new born baby, looks and moves the same way. However once the foreskin has been chewed off by the rabid rabbi, he chant’s overblown lies about the holocaust into the newborns bellend (peni head) which makes it resonate at a specific frequency (666Hz) to be precise which causes a catalyst to slowly expand the demon farts over time. After about 50 years, the pressure decreases because of pore leakage. They then all start to deflate after taking on the demon form and begin look like… Read more »


Excellent show, this guest is great. All this depravity is not natural it is learned and coerced on the goy through the jew demon. Some grevious listening on this one. Quite hardcore in the early stages, I did recoil at some of the things Jeanice was relating.


I find it interesting that our VERY FIRST impressions in this world may actually be the template that forms our minds. Look at it this way, as soon as your skin hits the air, the baby is a sentient being already taking in information. Those impressions will take a deep fundamental hold on whatever further information is to come. There is a movie called “memento” which is told inreverse. The premise is that the very first thing, is that all others are measured against, and whatever the first thing is, is the one thing that is not questioned and taken as truth, whatever it may be. I wonder if our whole worldview is shaped from that first experience.


Shaun’s story of hearing the babies screaming while being circumcised is chilling. I never cease to be amazed that anyone could ever do this. If the only evil the jew bastards brought to humanity was circumcision, for that alone, they should be exterminated. That Satanic cult has absolutely no place in civilized society.


With the outrageous numbers of caesarian sections being done, the first bonding of baby and mother is eliminated. I wouldn’t doubt if this is a deliberate action that is detrimental to the infant in later life that is still unknown to most people.