VeGAINator: Black Athletes – Even Privilege Cannot Stop Black Criminality (12-9-17)

VeGAINator goes over some infamous cases of black criminality and explores articles about how black athletes are 10x more likely to commit crime and be arrested than white athletes, and this is always scapegoated by racism, injustices, and inequalities that blacks are subjugated from whites. Video link for the podcast @

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Another talmud-book jewish psy op. Fat, feminized, min-waged White men, worshipping multi-millionaire black athletes. No wonder our women are confused, and don’t want to breed with us.

White men: Stop being a jew-dupe! Get a grip, take back control of your life, and become the best Aryan you can be! This is a war of survival – your survival!!

PS Thank you Vegainator for all your hard work and efforts. We have to get through to these cucked fantards somehow.

6 years ago

Very good show, my friend! Not too long ago I did a show about jews, professional sports and how they own just about every team and club in the so-called professional sports world, including advertising, equipment, fan gear etc. etc. which also trickles down into the world of college and other amateur sports.
When you have some extra time one weekend we should get together, do another show, combine our two topics and let it rip! Just say the word…
Keep up the great work, VeGAINator!
Cheers, Buddy!

Reply to  William de Hewitt
6 years ago

I agree good work veGAINator.

6 years ago

It’s the same all over the world where certain people are to be found.
In South Africa, just a simple stroll around your property with your dog can turn into a life changing nightmare many landowners and small holding dwellers have been brutally raped butchered and robbed.

The following story from a woman in South Africa close to the town of Tzaneen relates her experience.

6 years ago

Second song on first break? It’s awesome!

6 years ago

Yeah Black men act like little bitches. Their lazy BWMD’s with a mean IQ average of 80. Its not white peoples fault they suck a civilization.

Rogue Goy
6 years ago

There was a study going around the internet last year showing nigger uni graduates had higher crime rates than high school drop out whites. I can’t find it anywhere now, presumably pushed down to page 100 on Google.

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