VeGAINator: Criticism, Tactics, Realization & Radicalization for Our Agenda (11-18-17)

VeGAINator discusses how we should try to mimic the tactics and templates that the jews and their controlled opposition use towards corralling the masses to stay within the Jewtrix – like comedy, meme magic, etc – but hijack it to align it towards attacking the root source of ALL the problems (The Jewish Problem) and not the symptoms. The 3 lies/narratives projected upon white europeans that are used to justify white genocidImage result for imperium become your enemye and recent news articles pertaining to those narratives and lies.

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My mom has an 82-year-old friend who is a resident of one of these jew wet dreams commonly known as nursing homes. The staff is 98% Afreakin’-Amerikan. Oh my gods, people, do not ever let yourself be found in one of these hell holes. I, personally, would drive myself to the mountains with no coat and perish of exposure before I would spend one night in a nursing home jungle.


Care to tell us more about what is a jew wet dream about these nursing homes? I realize the comment was to invent, but it has me curious.


I meant vent, not invent.


You think that is bad, I worked in a hospital where they were hiring agency nurses and a lot of them were big fucking black mamaz, and even in A&E. They moved like they were walking through setting concrete, and were off in some other dope kingdom. They were as wide as they were broad like some 3 piece sofa walking down the corridor. I pray for the infirm, what they hell will happen in a real emergency?….


“Three piece sofa walking down the corridor” hahahaha. Brilliant and true


This story about the WW2 vet was heart breaking. If only more people would realize that this is the consequence of the (((victory))) this man was made to fight for. The destruction of white America was formulated as a moral duty more or less openly as an aim around the Nürnberg trial but of course not understood because Americans believed that they had won. This total confusion about the real reasons of the downfall makes me sick. There is always this false narrative – he fought for his country and now that, or – that’s not what he fought for. This man’s lonely dead surrounded by laughing blacks is part of the ongoing victory parade we all are living in. We all lost together. By… Read more »


I apologize in advance – do not watch this unless you are near something you can either punch to pieces, or have a blanket to cry in near by..
The point is, which most of us already know, do not EVER, under any conditions or circumstances EVER – leave either the elderly or children of any age in the ”care” of anyone of another race other than your own.
No one will care for your loved ones like your own.

Anthony Roberts

With Renegade being the only legitimate pro-White group, and there being so few of us, we need to all maximize and magnify our efforts at the target – the jew! We need to utilize our skills and talents to wake our folk up quickly. Research and investigation are fine (i’m as guilty as the next), but we need action now! Everyone here has 80% of the picture. Everyone must harness the courage shown by Kyle & Sinead. Single men with no family should be doing short flash demos, leaflets, driving with signs etc. Done right, no police or scuffles and your employment won’t be affected. Do not confront the jew opposition groups: blacks, arabs, latinos, sjws, p-tards or homos. All other people should be producing… Read more »


I am so happy to see you here. You are such a powerful voice for our folk; the perfect pairing of concise information and a call to action. A true ubermensch.


I really enjoyed the show. Vegainator has some different perspectives on things. I’ve always thought that whole “collapse” idea was just a silly right wing fantasy. If this “collapse” actually happened, every one is most likely going to die. It’s also refreshing to hear someone who actually WELCOMES comments and criticisms like a man, and doesn’t whine and cry about them, and not allow them, like someone else on this network does.

Chris H

I find it annoying when people dye their hair whether it is dark haired dyeing blonde or light hair dyeing dark. Unless it is just maybe expressing themselves a little, but still. Just generally dyeing hair is annoying to me. I do have a preference to lighter hair and do believe for the most part it is a sign of greater purity, however some darker haired individuals can show their ancestry goes back very far. Someone can have blonde hair, blue eyes with 1 black or asian grandparent sometimes. It is not automatically a sign of purity by a long shot. I would strongly suggest that darker hair is quite often a sign of being not as pure (that should be fairly obvious), though usually… Read more »


I am with you on that. I am not a fan of hair dying. This goes back to my stance on aesthetics that “god”/Nature already has the whole frame sorted. Everything fits together form a higher order but expresses itself into this physical realm as effect with only a hit of what lies beyond, much like a photo.


chris, theres many with light’ hair who are impure you can bank on that… & hair dye has been around since the beginning with henna & what not, was used in decoration & these days women do it as decoration like make up & magpies who collect blue objects for their nest.. the amount of times people say theyre blonde but have light brown hair is an example peoples own differing perceptions (mouse light brown isnt blonde on the color charts) I had ginger hair & blue eyes as a kid & my hair went auburn & eyes green as i grew.. worked in hairdressing (only first year apprentice albeit) & theres nothing like adorning ones hair etc its a self thing & non of… Read more »

Chris H

I dont have a problem with hair dyeing if there is a genuine reason.
If there is some real thought behind it then all good.
It is just the hiding behind dyed hair I have a problem with.
Perhaps you misunderstood where I was coming from, or I failed to express my point correctly.
Thanks for your feed back

Chris H

I still don’t see how your points related to my comment or differed from the point that I made. I believe you have misrepresented what I was trying to say.


My problem with hair-dye is when it is used to express, what I call, “hyper-individualism” This is the type of attitude that many SJWs carry around. An attitude that demands people to recognize how unique and special they are from other people. “Hyper-individualism” is also expressed through tattoos and body-piercings as well. This attitude is more of an expression of the fact that people lack social cohesion. It’s the representation of a fractured nation/ ethnic identity. I suppose what I’m saying is that hair dye is more of a symptom of what’s wrong more than a problem itself. However, Hyper-individualism can appear in the opposite side of the spectrum as well. Japan for instance has a grown number of youth rebelling against national norms by… Read more »

Chris H

Well said Bill


Hi Andrew, just wanted to thank you for the level of compassion and understanding you show the elderly. This is currently one of the marks of a true visionary. If we, as a culture, a people, can once again come to honor, respect, and cherish the elderly we will take a giant step forward in reclaiming our humanity and blessing our future. The elders should be regarded as our greatest treasure, even the ones who have fallen from grace/made mistakes, for they carry experience and endurance. Thank you for your intelligence on this issue. So few are aware of its urgency.


Conservative Christian Zionists are useful idiots for the Jews. I am glad you made this point. Being in the “buckle of the bible belt”, it is impossible to escape them. So, I ignore them. They want to die for greater Isra-hell. I say let them become goyim cannon fodder for Israel or America in time of war. They are a lost cause. Let them go. Good show. Please keep up the good work.


What’s the last piece of music? It would be good if there was always a playlist because the music is generally exquisit on RB.

mystic mac

I was born with blonde hair until 10 years old, but I doubt there is any reason to believe blonde is better (or worse) than brown. The greatest whites in terms of creative genius and heroic talents, if you look at their pictures all have brown hair. I just went through a random list of top 50 geniuses, and the ones that had color, none of them were blonde or red headed. Electricity, airplane, lightbulb, car, etc all brown hair.

Chris H

Very good, but intellectuals all the same. We are more than mere intellectuals, we are aryans. Brown hair is also an aryan type I personally believe, although some would suggest it is only blondes and red heads. Intellect may be one of this groups strengths. It is the mummies of ancient aryans that are suggesting there were blondes and red heads. I for one believe we also had brown hair, and that this also had its strengths. However blondes and red heads have been purposefully genocided for whatever reason and thus should be brought back. Brown hair can also be in the catagory of light hair. I do not think hair colour is everything, and I do not value someone solely on hair colour. I… Read more »

mystic mac

I wonder if something is being done to kill the blonde gene in our living bodies, because about half of the white kids I see under 7 years old whether at a zoo, airport, etc have bright blonde hair but I see no adults ever with blonde hair. My hair now is dark brown and used to be bright blonde. We know now that genes can be flipped on or off like light switches. But I don’t know if anyone has provided evidence that blonde is superior to brown, I would be open to it if there was, but looking at the great individuals through history every one I can think of had brown hair except Alexander the Great. Blonde and red I think is… Read more »

Chris H

I will be honest on my opinion. I believe that we had brown haired types, however many that now have brown hair may have other admixtures that make them darker. I believe nature purifies out to types. Some say there are 2 types of aryans, others say there are 4 (I mostly go with the latter). However I see alot of people with darker hair who seem purer to me than some with blonde hair. Blonde in itself does not signify purity, however I do believe it is a purer trait. Just because someone has a trait that makes them appear purer or less pure it does not mean that you take that 1 detail to define what they are (necessarily). Who is really pure… Read more »


Are blacks working there? Yeah! So the problem wasn’t fixed. Get rid of these failures of life.