VeGAINator: Success of the White Genocide Agenda (12-23-17)

Are White people going to be able to do what it takes to resist our ongoing genocide and take back control of our destiny? There is a lot standing in our way and not a whole lot of people effectively fighting for our cause, but quitting isn’t really an option. video version here.

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Who (home) birthed and raised these warrior men of the past? Who gave them their great scientific minds and a sense of honour and duty? It was White women; and their motherly love, nuturing and goodness.

I can understand your frustration Mr V, but don’t fall into the jew trap of discounting our women folk. We need each other equally in this fight. Just keep being a clean-living honourable Aryan and a nice White lady will enter your life, and deem you worthy of her.

PS being slim (alright skinny!) was a natural anti afro-disiac for me. Those swirler ladies were never lusting after my bod! No night at the “Oprah” for me – thank goodness.

Scott the Strategerist

The WN movement MUST be pro-white woman. Right or wrong, good or bad, women have been liberated and empowered. They have choice. If we drive them away, then we go extinct in one generation.

“WN” is controlled. Always has been.

No WN is another 26D Bingo strategy by Trump to flip the script on the jew.

WN is Chatrad to the bone

I saw the video-version of this and quit watching when he said that it’s the white male who is responsible for all our acheivements, “women did help, yes….” (I paraphrase here). This must be willful blindness. We are not going to get anywhere like this. Greetings from Germany.

And that “women need to be controlled”. Fuck that shit.

well i for sure cant be ‘controlled’ nor appreciate anyone trying to control me especially if it’s because Im a woman… Isn’t that the premise of sharia also… total offence to even the feminine energies or goddesses out there especially the ones that are the declarers & warriors of war… something needed on our side.. ps appreciate your radar on picking up on these things S.

White women have invented many things. Also, it’s not really “the white mans burden” as white women far outnumber white men in the workplace. White women are the ones predominantly paying for non whites.

Women are 47% of the labor force. Men work more hours per week, 44 hours to womens 34 hours. Men also pay more in tax with high risk jobs and more specialised jobs (like surgeons, oil rig engineers etc). Men have double the rate of STEM field jobs than women, i.e the jobs that actually make stuff, rather than push paper across desks. More men work in finance, by many times. Men are also far less likely to use any state or government benefits – 2/3rds of which is used by women. Men also, due to more stressful jobs, die younger than women on average, claiming less in pensions. When the 2008 crash happened, women were most effected with higher rates of unemployment, as many… Read more »

Wow! More men work in jewish finance. Alpha! Driving a bulldozer so hard!

More men are slaves to ZOG. That’s so Chad. Go Men! LOL.

CHADLIFE!!!! (notice how the commentor did not break anything down by race) As of 2012, White women were only several percentage points away from men in labor force participation in the US. Just look where the trends were headed and we can assume that White women now outnumber White men in the workplace (by design) We have to assume because the jewish controlled media will not release such stats. White males have much higher rates of autism (by design) and many aren’t even able to hold down jobs when they reach maturity. It is also much easier for a White female to go out and find work these days, than it is for a White man. By admitting that White men are outnumbered by White… Read more »

When the White Mans Burden was written as part of the Communist Manifesto, it was not to exclude the Women, naturally, otherwise it would have been phrased: “White Men’s Burden”. It’s similar to the notion of “Mankind” you often read and hear, where it too does not exclude the Female.

More men invented our way into enslavement with their Chatrad left brain supremacy.

lol they make it sound like women invented the computer come on now

Tesla said something along these lines. I’m paraphrasing but this is purely the jist of it. “The most creative inventor in my family was my mother.” When you have the man who invented the modern world basically saying this, I would say he knows what he speaks of on the topic. I may be also lopsided on my views for my father was married to the Marine Corps and my mother raised six of us, 3 and 3. I guess I was the Bobby Brady slot. Youngest boy that is. I had great father support though, albeit sometimes long distance. He said, “Boy, if you are a ditch digger, I bet you dig twice the amount as ANYONE.” With support like that, how can you… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

Are you related to Sinead McCarthy Hunt?

I think woman have suffered the most from “women’s liberation” In the same way that society thinks living in a free economic society means freedom to gain wealth in reality for the bulk of the population it means we are free to be exploited for financial gain and to be enslaved, by the big financial and business corporations. In the sixties and seventies women were enticed into the work place with promises of greater wealth more money etc, but what has it brought? Now we can barely do on two jobs what was easily purchased with one job in the sixties and we now have a situation where our children don’t grow up in a home with a mother to care for them Our children… Read more »
Richard: “Now we can barely do on two jobs what was easily purchased with one job in the sixties and we now have a situation where our children don’t grow up in a home with a mother to care for them…” Since I have Been a Vegetarian since 19 (37 Years Now!) I See Quite-a-few-aspects-of-Our-Modern-Rat-Race through-this Lens! (Leo Tolstoy — ‘As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields.’) (The (((Chosen-Ones))) Envisage: Cruel-Filthy-Tiny-Cages, and Crap-Food for ALL of us “Soul-Less” [Talk-about-PROJECTION!] “Goyim”!) In the Book: “FastFoodNation” The “Situation” of Idaho-Potato-Farmers is Used as an analogy to Show in-a-Far-Larger-Sense How: (((“Divide-n-Rule”))) and (((Promoting))) “Individualism” is Used by (((Capitalism))) to Further-Exploit Hard-Working-Salt-of-the-Earth-Folks!: >>> Each Idaho-Potato-Farmer Looks at ALL the Factors-Involved-in-Growing-His-Potatoes-on-His-Acreage: And SEES that But… Read more »

“Richard: “Now we can barely do on two jobs what was easily purchased with one job in the sixties and we now have a situation where our children don’t grow up in a home with a mother to care for them”. But look at all the cool toys and gadgets we have. Why can’t you just be happy goy?

hmmm, caught in towards the end of the show, didnt hear that one… thankyou germany ) O (

You can kill the majority of the men, the tribe will not go extinct, if there are enough females left. The enemy knows that he has to kill the women to rradicate the tribe. The surviving men will make good slaves, who can be turned sterile by various means. This is a war against white women first and foremost and only the most ignorant and corruptible of the white men are still keeping their eyes closed. White Men and The Death of White Women:

Correction: eradicate

It’s Stupid to argue who is being targeted the most, or claim so, Male or Female, it’s like Christians claiming they are being targeted more than Whites (I’ve heard that before too), we All are being targeted, in various ways, depending on whether you are male or female or how old you are, and that is a Fact Jack, or Jill what-ever the case may be .. so get it into your thick heads, and stop arguing !

No woman ever claimed men aren’t being targeted. However, the majority of “pro White” thought leaders have repeatedly attacked and blamed White women. It is not “the White mans burden” but the White womans as well.

The ones blaming White women are almost all anti-White subversives. Most pro-White men blame feminism rather than women. You are seriously underestimating the amount of subversives out there.

The phrase ‘White man’s burden’ I’ve always took to include White women. Obviously we are in it together. We either survive together or get wiped out together. I’m betting we’ll survive. Minus a few who’ve chosen to go with other races.

Is Lorde white? And then there is this Palestinian girl stepping up against Israel. She looks pretty white to me. Whiter than alot of people who have to say they are. Thats potentially 2 white women standing up in our struggle recently (if not directly). Seems to me it is the women right now who are stepping up more than the men are. (unless ofcourse the Lorde and Ahed Tamimi stories are somehow being pushed for whatever reason.. )

Woman’s lib, giving woman the vote, destruction of the traditional roles in marriage, woman leadership was all pioneered and pushed by (((them))) I’m not suggesting women should be slaves for men but we should seriously take a look at where we came from what was the woman’s role in ancient times? Let alone ancient times just go back a hundred or two hundred years and see what a very different society we had. Remember we prospered and grew mighty in numbers even when under the oppression of ((them)) in the churches, or false kings and royalty we remained strong. In the last 90 years women’s roles have changed beyond belief and in step with our utter destruction. People let alone women have difficulty in understanding… Read more »

I want nothing to do w you freaks. This is the reason White women want nithing to do w this movement. I’m fucking done.

“We can’t take much more women’s lib!” (Stomps foot and pouts.) Richard mate. You have just outlined in great detail how “THE jEWS” have manipulated and engineered this societal change; but still can’t resist blaming our women for it. What about the men allowing this to happen over the past 100yrs? Very convenient to leave out all the male weaknesses that have allowed the jews to control our: money, gov’ts, media, academia, entertainment etc. Not to mention the feminising of our males. Women’s fault also? You are either a cont opp mgtow-sieger or just very slow mate. Don’t let these softlads get you down Sinead. They can P off and form their own women-less homo club led by Surplus and young Vegainator. They will defo… Read more »

Hear! Hear! Spot on Anthony! 😉
The internet is the perfect place for all these idiots to spout their never-ending stream of “words”… Of late I’ve started treating it just like TV many years ago – I turn it off as much as possible. I haven’t had a TV for a long time now… Fuck these armchair WN’s – when it comes to the real crunch they’ll be nowhere to be seen.

Sinny, I am sorry if I offended you or other women here, and certainly it is not women’s fault as some have suggested for our situation.
I think it is out of my concern for woman who are so important in our lives that they are protected allowed to fulfill their roles.
I would not be surprised if Vegainator and many other men also feel that way about protecting women and keeping them out of harms way.
((They)) know the vital role that woman play in our society, pivotal that is why they have been targeted a quick look at the identity of the abortion activists, and those who superficially pretend to promote women’s causes a very clear picture emerges.
Peace and best wishes for the new year.

What have you done to protect women? And why do you foolishly believe we were liberated by jews?

You were ‘liberated’ from being dependent on a husband. Now you are dependent on an employer or big brother. Women used to stay home and look after the children and the house. Now they are expected to work while their children are looked after by strangers. If they even have children. The thing is that White men have never forced women into the roles they had in society. When the women’s lib propaganda started women already had the freedom they wanted. All anti-Whites did was convince women that staying at home and having a family is slavery. Instead of this ‘slavery’ they were offered work for corporations. So they compete against men to be ‘free’ to work and have careers. Freedom is slavery, slavery is… Read more »

My grandmother and her mother both worked so I’m not sure where this fantasy that all women were provided for by their husbands comes from. Oh that’s right. Jewish propaganda. And your’e eating it up because it justifies your lack of action. I thought men were more logical?


My mother also worked but that doesn’t change the fact that many more women were financially dependent on their husbands in the past.

Women could always get a job. They chose to stay at home and look after the kids and the house. Then they were told that being a housework was slavery and being a wage slave was freedom.

Try reading what I write without emotional reactions and then you’ll really understand what logical is.

Housewife. Not housework.

Depends on what Women and when Whitewolf. Women since neolithic times have worked, as have children. Although this was not the outright exploitation as seen in the industrial age,families never the less worked together for millennia. For most of our history, we didn’t have things like electricity or big machinery, so work was mostly farm and cottage industry. Until the black death ironically helped with wages and rights, we mostly worked for lords, given a piece of land for ourselves if we worked some for them. Unable to “switch” lords these folk were essentially slaves, but even then worked far less hours than we do now and payed far less Tax, as they worked by the seasons and nature. This work was Done by the… Read more »
DOn’t forget Richard, that women’s lib, is just as much of a piece of paper as is your birth certificate. You are arguing in terms of the context of the jew-dicial system (which is the realm of paperwork, rights and so called morals, which is nothing other than maintenance of the flow of money com-mercial). Politic, for want of a better word. All we are doing is arguing about which slave has the best manacles. Either way, nothing has changed. I have to confess I was into MGTOW in the beginning, because I thought it was some sort of spiritual move where the males go a way, sort their shit out and then come back more solid. A kind of : let one walk into… Read more »

Skalgarir – That was the best psychological breakdown of MGTOW I’ve ever read.

“Dross males get to pull the “hot” women through psychology and mental gymnastics rather than their own integrity and character. Because they normally have none. So this manifests as another faux maskulina where it is the woman’s fault and the women are now the cause of the men’s lack of courage. A crafty mass psy op, but transparent none the less: psychologists call this, transference.”

That’s brilliant and must be repeated.

Thanks, also for reading that long chunk of post!

Addendum: yea, the bottom line, what I sensed was, that the women were supposed to follow the men up the hill begging for them to not leave them to the mass hordes. The irony being that those are the “men” that you really DON’T want to have relations with LeL. It is a strange sorting process, but it is really just another tactic of the jew to fuck us around.

We are on the road to extinction you all know that much don’t you? If we carry on like this it’s over if it’s not too late already.
Maybe we can realize something has gone really fckn wrong, perhaps we can think by stripping away emotion toxic pride wishful thinking from our subject and realize something has changed in our society in our white nations from ancient times from the brilliant success we had. If we can’t apply our minds and think and change it’s finished over.
We will disappear for all eternity into a sea of mud our stricken descendants will be in chains for perpetuity. Thank you and good night.

Women were never “liberated” you moron.

Oh but they were [sarcasm] they were liberated from the evil Nature and natural world, and liberated into the oh so freeing, looms and factories of the marxist kikean system. Can you not taste the freedom, the freedom of industrialisation and clock timed lunch breaks OH THE FREEDOOOOOOMMMM. Damn that evil nature, where we could do ting sour way, and manage our time in the way we see fit [\sarcasm] INDISTRIALISATION AND TAXATION FTW! <- Also sarcasm.

It seems this casting served a purpose to bring out the closet black pigeon shytes & or the alt kike mgtows out from hiding… Cleaning time…

@Ricky You forget the CONTEXT of this so called liberation. The whole filthy jew plot is to LIBERATE us from the Natural world. You have to pay attention to the DEFINITION of what these words mena. THEY DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE. Jesus fucking christ.

With women’s lib as well as other subversive ideologies you have two subversive outfits. One is like Anglin pushing for repression of women and naturally pissing them off. Then the women’s lib side comes along to ‘save’ them from ‘male supremacy’.

The end result of women’s lib(and the opposite of oppressing women) is mostly White men and women fighting each other and both losing out to foreign forces. The same foreign forces controlling both sides of the debate.

Richard: “Woman’s lib, giving woman the vote, destruction of the traditional roles in marriage, woman leadership was all pioneered and pushed by (((them)))…” I am 56, was born in Zambia, Grew-Up in New Zealand (Became a Vegetarian at 19, and was Told-by-Most-Everyone that I would Die! — And Thus “Became a Hare Krishna” and Lived on the Farm for 4 Years), Lived in California for 30 Years and Near-theBeginning-of-that-Time on-and-off Spent 3+ Years in India (and 25 Years-ago Tried-Marrying-a-28-Year-Old-Indian-Lady), and Now have been Back in NZ 3 Years. (As a Hare Krishna I LIKED the Moral-Requirements of: No: Meat, Drugs, Sex-outside-of-Marriage, Gambling-Atheism-Envy!) On a Hierarchy of Important (Sorry!) FACTS: 1) If there are NOT-Enough White-Babies BORN and Healthily-Grow-Up — There will BE: NO: White-Race, OR:… Read more »

What is the POINT of POSTING Sincere-Comments HERE — IF They are Just-REMOVED for Having-Opinions NOT 100%-“In Agreement”!!!? — My Comments were Obviously NOT that-of-a-Shill!!! 🙁 Even YouTube-Videos DON’T Remove Comments Just Because They are Somewhat Different!!! — I NOW Have a LOT LESS Confidence: That YOUR Motivations are Towards: The TRUTH, and Helping-FIND-a-WORKABLE-Solution to OUR-White-Genocide at-the-Hands-of-the-Jews! 🙁

Yep, it’s an idiot alright & probably a troll to boot just looking at this post alone. Dude, TONS of contrary comments get posted here & this is the only site I know where comments are NOT censored! Try just offering a contrary opinion to that tool Surplus & see if your comment gets past the moderation process! Get a fkn grip!

True Aryans respect women as equal to men, and we do not need to call that traditional or any other crap. (((Men))) (((liberated))) Germany after the war by raping her to pieces. I think some kind of liberation from this disgusting world of (((male))) domination needs to happen, but ofcourse with the whole truth on the table. Rapespawn must be discontinued, and only true German stock must remain in Germany. Harsh, but that is where I stand. All ruined lines must end. And yes blondes are being fucking exterminated let us get that fucking straight also.

I hear you. We have to let the guillotine fall on this bullshit. The Holy Land must be taken back.

In my opinion, Germany, Austria, and all the Scandinavian nations must be sectioned off and remain exclusively white\Aryan, and totally jew-less. Absolutely no jews in any form and for any reason.

I am not against an Aryan union or coalition though, that acts as a loosely unifying body among them but also keeps national autonomy, a sort of guard against infiltration and invasion.

For the record: I’m in total agreement with your statement. To preserve the Nordic characteristics they must breed more with there own. This means the exclusion of Southern Europeans. However we ( I say we even though I’m half Nordic) are still part of the greater white community and should be your greatest ally. Now your flooded with sand people.

Oh yes, I did not mean to the exclusion of other white people, I just meant that there must be a significant tract of territory as a sanctioned Bloodland where ONLY white people are allowed and can exist and proliferate. As far as Europe goes I am not downplaying the other nations at all. You could extend that over all of Europe, as long as it stays white and in white aegis (absolute devoid of jew and constant measures to ensure jewlessness). In essence this would be as easy as anything would it not be for the jew. I mean I am happy to have decent relations with other nations such as Iran and Libya for example which are also NS and understand the dynamic.… Read more »

Addendum: All white people are allies. Just because you are Southern European does not change that. Our lands were far reaching before certain catastrophies and interventions.

This is too funny. I’ve learned over the years not to let knee jerk reactions to people’s comments on one subject cause me too dicount everything else they have to say. I believe that in our species men build the nest. We strive to make it as comfortable as possible to please the women. What I actually wanted to comment on was the statement that the blonde blue eyed people are the best of the gentiles. My mother who had red hair and green eyes would probably have questioned this as well. The best at what? As someone who is half Italian I take great pride in our contributions in painting, sculpting, architecture, and music; which includes, the creation of many instruments and putting it… Read more »

He is saying that the chosen monsters have been most active in smashing the blonde hair, blue eye bloodline. That is their target #1. The French (((Revolution))) and the Bolshevik (((Revolution))) both smashed the blonde hair, blue eye bloodline. Same thing happened to Germany in 1945-1948 (which Hitler was trying to prevent from happening) and what has been happening to America and abroad (with their relentless miscegenation campaigns to breed out the blonde hair, blue eye women with the darkest of the negros)

This is way late. When I first read this the male/female shit storm kicked off. I want to say I agree with your comments. Hitler wasn’t trying to destroy others. He was trying to save his own people. This played a big part in his conflict with Poland. Many Germans were living in Poland at the time. This is the first I heard that the Bolsheviks were targeting blue/blondes for extermination.

if you are italian you are aryan.. aryans have diversity which dosnt take far to explain even within the norse tales of the gods.. some people either are on a purity spiral or stuck in the east based way of thinking (ie indian/sanscrit stories etc) which by the way is a second hand version of events told from the eyes of those who are not white.. then there’s so many blondes’ who are actually jew.. Australia is a classic haven of such jews (the nose usually gives them away followed by sheckle obsession & throwing fellow ‘whites’ under a bus with zero care) anywho’s it’s nice to see an italian here 🙂 & would love to see europeans collectively join up in this fight, nothing… Read more »

For the record I’m an American of Irish and Italian decent. I don’t take offense when Nordic people consider themselves to be more white than Southern Europeans; because, this is in fact true. I just find it strange that some Nordic people seem to think that Southern Europeans aren’t white at all. There are some Negros that are as black as gorillas. Yet they still consider their more brown brethren to be of the same race. The same can be said of Asians who vary in shades yellow.

Btw jews are not white…I thought that this show has made that fact VERY clear. Ashkenazi jews are essentially the mulattos of the Middle East, and they themselves consider themselves to be peoples of color. Jews like Milo and others DYE/STRAIGHTEN their hair blonde, and spend a lot of money on plastic surgery (rhinoplasty for instance)….I argue that Whites aren’t so gullible but that there are so many illusions (dyed blonde and straighten hair, boob/nose jobs, eye color contacts, media manipulation/propaganda, etc) and Whites bombarded with KGB/soviet programming of “Political Correctness” as early as pre-school. The Alt-Right SHOULD put to rest the question of the “good” jew…There isn’t. They are working together to dismantle White society, pretending to be White when projecting THEIR crimes, then… Read more »

Vegainator is guilty of ? speaking the truth.

Kyle is guilty of? Letting sketchy characters in, in the first place, so when they do a big f*** up then he has to throw them out of the network and simple minded people start to blame him.

This is Vegainators comment under the clip of this show on YouTube:
comment image

Vegainator had done good work prior to this, to be fair. I’m just scratching my head at all of this on Vegainators part. Didn’t see it coming.

Oh well. Onward and upward.

Vegainator has always been this way. He was an mgtow swirler who made videos similar to bps. Now he makes vids on how white women who have race mixed in the past are tainted yet he claims to have slept with more black women than he can count. I don’t know what kind of white woman who is racially aware would want a white guy who “swirled”, he is probably self projecting half the time.

I didn’t find this out until this shit storm caused me to look him up on YouTube. He claims to have dated 6 black women on Tommy Sotomayer’s channel. To be honest I’m very forgiving of what people do before they’re aware. It’s funny before I was aware of my own genocide I always said that Native Americans should mary their own and get their birth rates up. Now I suggest the same for whites. Aware or not if you say the the white race should be wiped out like Anglin did and you’re white your worse than any Jew. And you have a lot of ass kissing to do. And you damn sure aren’t a leader.

He made a video called “women do not deserve rights or freedoms”. As far as the black women go I could care less, it is suspicious to me but hey we all have a past. The thing that bothers me is when he makes specific videos where he rants about how awful it is for white women specifically to not miscegenate. I find it hypocritical so I will just turn it off. I still listen to him on other topics like jews and bwmd’s.

Dating 6 African women shows a clear preference for Africans.


I’m not speaking for VeGAINator, however I think I know him well enough to say that he does not look down upon Aryan women as inferior to Aryan man, though it may have come out that way. I agree with him in that today, the Aryan Race and our families are pretty much doomed due to the fact that our women are now FORCED to work long hours like men, which unfortunately means that we (yes WE Aryan men & women) are not able to raise our children the right way as our children are put into the hands of the State or non-family members who have no interest in raising Aryan children, The Aryan Way. Unfortunately in this day of age no household can… Read more »

So glad to see the Round Table coming back to Saturday night!!!

“We need to control and dominate our women.” Just saying, as an unmarried guy I have spent a significant amount of time around unmarried white women and 95% of them are hardcore Tim Wise level anti racists. They look at me like I’m literally the devil when I try to teach them about pro white anti jew. Their face gets this look like they just saw Osama Bin Laden. All but like 3 of them completely stopped talking to me after I’d try to jew pill or race pill them. One though a hot blonde went to a majority black high school and completely agreed with me lol, except not on the jew part. On the other hand most all white men I’ve tried to… Read more »

Since you are unable to attract good women that equals white women are stupid? No. You are incapable of leading.

They were still very good women in every other regard. I can only bring them to the water I can’t make them drink it, and in my experience 98% of unmarried white women no amount of propaganda will work on them. There will have to come a time when we give up on propaganda and just say listen bitches you are coming with us whether you like it or not. I was kicked out of a girls house because I was trying to explain for like an hour why Mexicans becoming the majority is not good for us and she looked at me like some kind of terrorist. I’ve talked to A LOT of unmarried white girls about this dude. Another told me she’d refuse… Read more »

These high-percentage generalizations that you’ve concocted only tells me the suspect view that you have of women. Like, seriously dude, have you even MET 45% of women? Because I know that I haven’t.

I would suggest working on yourself because it seems like, taking you at your word here, your approach needs work.

I’ve gotten female employees that I’ve never met to give me free food, tickets, etc so its not like I’m totally inept. Every time a female has interviewed me for a job I have gotten it. The only girl I’ve convinced to agree with natsoc later admitted to me she fantasizes about torturing people. But if whites create an ethnostate the only option will be to make children in test tubes because it will be 10 million men and 100 women there. That or do what the vikings did and bring back the quality ones.

Get in the volcano. You speak of women as objects. I’d like you to try and “take me” anywhere, fucker.

@Sinny “You speak of women as objects.” Bullshit. You talk endless shit about men yet nobody here calls you out on it. You’re as deluded in your gender egalitarianism as the alt right is in Trump. You’ve been trying for years to get women on board, and with the same results as me. You have convinced like three (unmarried ones. Meaning they decide on their own instead of adopting their husbands views.) and they turned full blown commie degenerates after 6 months.

@renegade I wasn’t talking shit to her, she was repeatedly talking shit to me. I hope you are right and that they can be won over with propaganda, otherwise there is literally no other choice. You have to have an option B. I have talked to men, and I have talked to unmarried women, and there is a huge difference getting the lightbulb to turn on. I jew pilled a guy last night no problem, he ended up agreeing with me. Never once happened with a girl. I’d have better luck convincing a girl that there are 30 different genders.

@mystic mac – If we become the dominant culture, women will follow. Unless it is White Sharia, lock them in cages. They will never get on board with that.

@Nate I agree, they will follow whoever is dominant. Neither Renegade nor the daily stormer are correct on the women question.

mystic mac – If you wanna meet and keep young white girl, cut off political racial talk completely. First of all, young girls are least interested to hear about it, especially if they deem to see your views as socially dangerous and unacceptable.

Remember, women are social animals and social conventions for them are extremely important, no matter how stupid or wrong they really are… But if woman starts to love a man, she will also start to love or at least tolerate his political views, so first make them to respect you as a man by your actions. You are young man, you have time to learn about female psychology and relationships in general. Don’t stop trying.

his approach needs work? I was considering sending out the order to prepare the helicopter for a visit to the nearest volcano. I am losing patience with this bullshit.

I’m a male in his 20’s. I’m interacting with unmarried women in their 20’s on a regular basis, and not on the dark corners of the internet. I know their opinions, I know what they think. Unlike everyone else on this thread. Unmarried women are all clones of Tim Wise. I met a Mexican girl that was more pro white than any white girl I’ve ever met.

Much of the difficulty is the fake pro-Whites like Duke, Spencer and Anglin portraying an image that turns people off. Anglin with White sharia has been particularly effective in turning off women.

“Unmarried women are all clones of Tim Wise”? I think you are making these exaggerated claims, because you are upset. I’ve met just as many anti-white men as women, but women do tend to be more liberal. The thing is, you aren’t going to be able to make these wicked unmarried white women do anything, without getting yourself arrested. We don’t control our nations and therefore can’t implement any kind of program that forces anyone to do anything. We have to go after the Tim Wises that create these “clones” you speak of. All this talk about getting our women in check is just going to cause division .

Maybe you should look for companions outside of a bar setting? Do you seriously have no other Hobbies or interests in your life besides drinking?

I said I met one girl at a country bar…. Country bars aren’t like regular bars, the dancing is fun and there are some people that are in their 70’s there. I have drank one day in the past 9 months.

A nice white lady has already made an effort to talk to you, but for some reason you still feel it necessary to test her on the subject of racial loyalty ?

Young inexperienced and paranoid, that’s what she will think of you.

That’s a great point you make.

They had some survey on racial preferences in online dating a while back. Both sexes among Whites showed more preference for their own race than any other race does.

White people support diversity a lot less than it’s made out on big brother media outlets. Even diehard liberals engage in White flight and lie about the reeasons for moving.

Highlights the point, doesn’t it ?, that “some things go without saying” and “birds of a feather flock together” because “when the enemy is defeated, things will Naturally fall back into place”.(keyword = Naturally). Racial preference goes right down to the core of ones Inner Being, Subconsciousness or Genetic Memory (DNA). That part cannot be Reprogrammed, only the Conscience Forethought can (Philosophical Parrot Syndrome), and so we perceive in the Sciences a sort of Barrier between the Conscience and Subconsciousness when in fact there is none: In order to crack a nut, one first has to find or Create one (by targeting Children and young Adults), then it can be Cracked and subsequently classified as “Mental illness” and so forth. That was quite a rant,… Read more »

It depends how you drop the subject mac. There are ways on how to do things, and just landing a jew bomb in the first 10 seconds might be more down to how you act with people rather than what you bring. I would leave the jew bomb a bit later, most people in a bar dont have politics on the forefront of their mind. Even so, women that are grounded dont need much explaining about the vile cause of all problems once you have achieved some level of trust and understanding between each other. In my estimation it is your approach and interaction that is the problem.

“95% of them are hardcore Tim Wise level anti racists”? Really? 95%? That’s a slight exaggeration. Our population needs to be reeducated and some will need to be dragged kicking and screaming. I see men and women fighting against us, and they are doing so because of decades of Jewish brainwashing. Lets not make it a gender issue, it is a Jewish issue.

Is there a forum or site where like mined single men/women of Aryan lineage can converse? I know it’d be a total sausage fest, but we can see who shows up anyhow. Maybe it can be p2p forum style associated with RB?

DS now blocking problem IPs…

What is “DS”?

Scott the Strategerist

The Daily Stormer, which is the world’s most popular AltRight site. The site’s owner can be a tad misogynistic at times. He certainly – and CORRECTLY – attacks white women who miscegenate, which is a crime WORSE than MURDER.

Oh, you mean the guy who is pals with Weev the jew boy, and ran around the Philippines with young asian girls, changes his stance on things every couple of months or so, said white people should be bred out of existence, and, according to The Atlantic, tried to kiss black boys in high school. Thanks for clearing that up.

Scott the Strategerist
So a person must be born pro-white to be pro-white? I fell for the indoctrination. Even as a conspiracist, I incorrectly thought that whites ruled the world. I even welcomes nonwhite immigrants, thinking that they would overthrow this NWO white establishment. Obviously I was wrong, but the point is that a person can change. Nor does it matter if he sucked up to a nonwhite when being interviewed by him. As for the Atlantic, I don’t consider that article to be credible. Just look at the TWO stories of people randomly bumping into Anglin in Ohio! C’mon! This is narrative from a bugman. It’s not believable. But ok. Let’s say you’re right. What’s the purpose of Anglin’s anti-white conspiracy? Let’s see. Anglin is getting young… Read more »

Yes, he’s continuing down a road paved by great men such as Frank Collins.

Anglin is not getting anyone to be pro-White. He’s doing everything he can to drive a wedge between White men and women with his White sharia nonsense. The DS doesn’t create pro-Whites it just perverts their thinking as does the entire alt-right.

Anyone still referring to the alt-right as if they are somehow pro-White is a shill. No exceptions.

So many idiots who think they’re smart FOLLOWING the alt-right… sad.

The fact that there is an alt-right is a positive sign because it means anti-Whites are trying to divert growing pro-White sentiment. There’s definitely been a major shift over the last ten years or so.

I think Weev is a Jew boy, yea. The Alt Right seems to be blowing its cover, almost on purpose, especially when Anglin gave Trump a pass on Sholom Rubashkin, which is just nuts. Hopefully, it won’t be able to stabilize itself.

I thought it was a good presentation. Men deserve the respect of building a nation like the U.S, Germany, Europe, Netherlands… And it is true women fund these infiltrating aliens with their altruism that comes from their nature and invest financial support to oppose their own male populations. Its the men that are going to be expected to fight in any physical conflict that will arise in this planned race war agenda. Because, Im sorry to say women are not much at physical combat, physiologically. I mean, its like the blacks thinking they are equal civilization builders as whites but the reality is the opposite. They know they suck and have brought white America to extinction but still think somehow its the people that feed,… Read more »

The men alive today didn’t build this nation. Men that were way better than the men alive today did. You dont get respect for having a set of testicles. Be men and save your people and then maybe you’ll get respect. You sit on your ass and talk about how women suck in combat. Well what the hell are you doing? Have you risked your life for anything? No.

Most men wouldn’t even consider sending women into combat. It doesn’t matter if you could do the job just as good.

Men aren’t exactly getting respect for having testicles these days. Especially if they are White and straight

No one is arguing women belong in combat. But what have you actually done for our people? Commented in a comments section? SO brave! I will do WHATEVER it takes to defend my family. I’m not going to sit back and wait for the “men” of this nation to save us. They haven’t done anything but complain about women and jerked off the jewish porn.
Where are you oh so brave men leading us?? What are you actually doing to ensure White children have a future?

No one gives a shit if poor wittle White men aren’t getting respect for “being White and having testicles”. Respect is earned. What have you done to earn it?

Hear! Hear!

I haven’t asked for your respect or even approval. I never will.

And you won’t answer my question either. What have you done to make a future for White children?

I’ve done enough that I don’t feel the need to justify or explain myself to anyone.

Like I said I don’t ask for your respect or approval. Or anyone else’s for that matter.

So you’ve done absolutely nothing. What a hero! I can name 10 things I’ve done in the past year to further our cause. Don’t worry. The women will fight this war for you. I don’t care if you don’t ask for anyone’s respect or approval. I am COMMANDING you to DO SOMETHING. We are facing a genocide and all most of you do is bitch in the comments section. Have you ever risked your life for anything?

Still not feeling the need to justify myself.

You command me? No one commands me. I don’t need instructions on what to do or when to do it.

How dare I command you to do something for White children. How dare I?? Yes. Just keep doing nothing. I’m so sorry for trying to hold you to a high standard. We’ve got women out here on the front lines risking their lives, and you’d rather pout in the corner because I told you to be a man and do your duty.

I didn’t say I’ve done nothing. I said I don’t feel the need to explain myself. Not just to you but to anyone.

If you want to believe that means that I’ve done nothing then that’s fine by me. I’m not looking for your approval and I consider it a major weakness to need the approval of anyone. It makes you easily controllable. That’s the last thing pro-Whites want to be.

I’m not anonymous to big brother. He knows who I am.

SICK OF reading your left scrolling dumbass comments, worse then an incessant dripping tap that just keeps going drip drip drip. Beer chugger check, Meat eater check, Aussie mgtowe loser massive check… Sack of wining vermin who is an insult to white men check.. Australia is rife with white male whiners such as yourself..especially in the truther movement here, which is why i have nothing to do with the truthers here… yet alone aussie men & I would rather die then entertain the foreign alternatives pushed upon us here. Then we have the other extreme of cucked PC virtue signalling white men who just love the very foreigners who are a threat to white women, white children & even native white animals. The latter are… Read more »

I would also like to point out that every person male or female started their journey floating in some one’s sack before they landed in someone’s womb. Our testicles must be respected!

Yes. Ejaculating and carrying a baby for 9 plus months, birthing it, and breastfeeding it for two plus years are totally the same.

This was obviously my failed attempt at humor to break some of the tension in here. I avoided this subject not out of cowardice; but when I saw the name calling I knew it was a fruitless endeavor. When people are controlled by their emotions they only talk they don’t listen. People come to Renegade because they love and appreciate your work. We wouldn’t be here otherwise! This doesn’t mean they’re going to agree with all of your views or each other’s for that matter. I don’t want to fight with you. That’s like fighting with your mother; it’s a no win situation. I have received life changing information from Renegade and I’m grateful. Don’t let your anger towards Anglin and these white sharia fools… Read more »

I agree renegade is a great place and I appreciate your humor. It was Sinead’s rants against Anglin that got me listening in the first place. I hadn’t paid much attention to him before that because he was obviously a shill and the DS seemed rather childish.

It’s obvious that anti-Whites are super keen to have White men and women at each other’s throats. Blaming pro-White men for Anglins White sharia crap is wrong. It’s like us blaming pro-White women for that women’s protest with the stupid pussy hats. Both sides are led and heavily promoted by subversives.

Same here. I didn’t know anything about the Altright because I landed hear first thanks to Giuliani. I understand her frustration at not wanting to be looked at as a second class citizen when she has put her name and face out there for our cause. That’s like a tattoo or gang affiliation you’re stuck with it for life. Again we get back to the NOT ALL argument which works both ways. The fact of the matter is most of our own people are our biggest enemies. What the percentages are between men, women, North, South, East, and Western Europeans are; I don’t know. I can’t waste my time with this. All I want to know is do you care if the white race goes… Read more »
WhiteWolf, “Men aren’t exactly getting respect for having testicles these days. Especially if they are White and straight” I would say that it is the *lack* of testicles that causes laconic respect. That also has something to do with the food and chemical additives I am sure. As far as the gender maelstrom goes, it isn’t respect, it is about not being sued for calling someone a “fag” in the workplace. That is based on fear and politics not really respect. Honestly, in real life, I have not really met any women that I have problems with because I am White and heterosexual and have never had a problem with women white or otherwise. Yes you meet some cunts, but that’s life bud. If you… Read more »

I was speaking in general terms about the narrative being pushed about White men being evil etc. The point being that White men aren’t getting any undeserved respect simply because they have testicles.

Personally as I’ve stated I don’t seek the approval or respect of others. Not that I think that I shouldn’t be doing things that others will approve of or respect me for. It’s just that the motivation for doing those things should never be about approval seeking.

I thought the men who built this nation were shabbos goy freemasons?

They are. But don’t let that stop “men” who have accomplished and invented nothing in their pathetic lives, to use it as a tool to bash White women with.