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9 years ago

Its not a bad thing that Zapopper at mamis wont be posting your shows, Paul.

The less you have to do with unstable drunks who stand for nothing, the better.

You and Guiliani offer the best standard of shows around. Speaking of which – where is he now? – he seems to have dropped off the airwaves.

Chris Taylor
9 years ago

Good interview. Mamis is kosher junk anyway. Still the daily $hoah praise baffles me. These two on this show should know better by now. It has nothing to do with his past staments and all to do with his actions afterward and his positions.

Paul Hickman
9 years ago


Thank you. I don’t count Guiliani as a Nationalist (not that I have a problem with him). I don’t know what’s happened to him.

Mami’s is a site with different admins who post different items. It was more a issue with ascetics with Zappoper. I don’t think it’s a Kosher site.

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