Voice of Albion: Juuso Tahvanainen (9-24-14)


Paul interviews Juuso Tahvanainen.

Juuso Tahvanainen has been the leader of The Finnish Resistance Movement (Finnish: Suomen vastarintaliike; SVL), since 2012.

Activist Camp 2011

Tampere 2012

Happy Labor Day? 2013

Afrikaner Genocide Demo 2014

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9 years ago

Excellent interview. I love the Finnish nationalists and am always impressed by them. Kai Murros is one of our best voices in the pro-White movement. I really like this guy too. I didn’t know about him, but he’s very well presented.

9 years ago

Another thing regarding the Kalevala, it’s an oral tradition, so it’s got a lot of repetition in it, and sings along, even in English translation. That is also the reason for similarity with the Norse myths and legends of the bards. Oral epics have this quality, and those of Nordic Europeans all have the right sensibility.

Anyone who listens to the Kalevala on audio can get a good sense of this.


The readers of the above audiobook file are very good.

Studying the Winter War, “Talvisota”, is one of the most rewarding historical investigations for White people. If you need any inspiration in these times of seemingly insurmountable opposition to good, study the Winter War !!

Paul Hickman
9 years ago


Thanks for the comment and links. The Finn’s are impressive as you say.

9 years ago

Thank you for this interview. Its time to Europe to wake up and rise again. Problems is that jews has all the money and nukes (nato and russia).

9 years ago

[…] of meeting Juuso Tahvanainen the young leader of the Finnish movement (who has previously done an Interview on renegade). In particular I related to him how profoundly impressed I was with the FRM, and that it is a case […]

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