Voice of Albion: Steve Squire (8-13-14)


Paul interviews Steve Squire who is the BNP Organiser for London.

Steve became active in the BNP in 2009 and has stood for local elections in Enfield. He was the first on the list for the Greater London Assembly elections in 2012, and also first on the list as a BNP European Parliament Candidate in 2014.

Steve has consistently kept candidate numbers high in his region and has also recruited young members to the party. Locally the BNP Political stalls and foodbanks have become a regular fixture.

British National Party main website

Steve Squire speech – Birmingham 2012

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9 years ago

Must say Steve has sort of won me over to the BNP tactic to avoid the courts by allowing non-whites membership. Never thought I would type these words. The reality is there are almost zippo non-whites who have or would join the BNP ? Now realize it is no big deal, once reality is absorbed. Steve sounds as the “real deal” and one sharp patriotic White leader. Appreciate very much Paul for interviewing key players in the UK !

Paul Hickman
9 years ago

Hi John

The non whites being offered membership was not the main point of the interview (although important).

Steve has done his job adequately in London by any measure. Glad you enjoy the shows

What news of your campaign in Ontario?

9 years ago

Trying hard to keep the main site britishpeoplesleague.com totally separate from the above election web site: johnbeattie.moonfruit.com you and your fans will be astounded at the national smear attempts across Canada, over my run for Deputy-Reeve in a tiny village area (Minden Hills, Ontario. Keep up the fantastic interviews Paul.

9 years ago

It is clear to me that while ever Nick Griffin has any influence in the BNP that the party will remain unelectable. He has been an unmitigated disaster and remains in place only because people like Steve Squire sit on the fence instead of booting him out. Your shrewd questioning made this a most interesting show – as always. Thank you Paul.

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