Voice of Albion: Thomas Wulff Steiner (10-1-14)


Thomas Wulff Steiner is a Veteran White Nationalist from Hamburg Germany. Steiner has been involved in White Nationalism for 30 years. He has Organised Election Campaigns and been Hamburg Organiser for the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). Steiner has also organised marches in memory of the Dresden Holocaust and the torture of German Civilian’s at Bad Nenndorf.

Rede Thomas Steiner Wulf beimTag der Deutschen Zukunft 2013

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Great interview Paul, well done & thanks! Always look forward to your shows.

Alexander (from Flanders)

This show goes straight into my personal archive of AWESOME SHOWS.

I absolutely loved the Rudolf Hess story.

And the closing words of Herr Steiner were beautiful. We must cooperate with each other or our race will die. NIEMALS WIEDER BRUDERKRIEG!

nice show


Very interesting. The Hess book is Rudolf Hess: His Betrayal & Murder by Abdallah Melaouhi. The Barnes Review has it. http://www.barnesreview.org/rudolf-hess-his-betrayal-murder-p-590.html?cPath=80_48

Very good book.