Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 7-23-14

rushton bpp

Paul Interviews Peter Rushton who is a Veteran British Nationalist. He is deputy editor of the by-monthly journal Heritage and Destiny.

Peter is a Historian and Political Analyst who has featured on RT and Press TV on numerous occasions.

He is a well known speaker at Nationalist functions and also contributes to the website Jailing Opinions.

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9 years ago

Great show.

9 years ago

Interesting interview. Although, if Peter Rushton mentioned latvian “chauvinism” or “petty nationalism” towards russian minority, one have to acknowledge the nature of so called russian minority in Baltic States. Before WW2 Baltic States were pretty much 100% ethnically homogenous nations, but when Sovien Union occupied those countries, things changed drastically. Now in Lithuania russians take 5,8%, in Estonia 24% and things are worse in Latvia were russians take over 26% of total population. When Stalin deported tens of thousands of balts in Siberia, empty homes were filled with sovietized russian workers of stalinist industrialization program. Those historic european cities near eastern border, that were bombed to dust by soviet air force and indigenous people were prohibited to return to their homes turned into russian speaking… Read more »

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