Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman (8-6-14)


Paul is joined by Craig Cobb. A veteran White Nationalist – Craig is a adherent of the Creativity Religion, which was founded by Ben Klassen. Craig was a contributor to the innovative podcast Goyfire, which was started by Alex Linder in 2005.

In 2005 Craig Cobb created Podblanc, which was a Pro White version of You tube. Craig also worked with Alex Linder on the publication ‘Aryan Alternative’. They distributed some 250,000 copies!

Paul and Craig discuss topics including; the incarceration of Matt Hale, Government gang stalking techniques, Frazier Glen Miller, and Craig’s White Community project in Leith – North Dakota.

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Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

Good to hear from Craig Cobb.

9 years ago

Why does Craig think that Carolyn Yeager is a christard?

9 years ago

Because Yeager IS a Christard. If you identify with Christianity then you’re a Christard; you’re serving an alien god…the God of the Hebrews.

9 years ago

Amerikaner is right. Christianity is a religion invented by wolves for sheep to believe in.

9 years ago

I think its important to note that there are other races preservation groups out there on the net & if they really cared about their people of their race they would offer relocation money out of the White preservation areas no charge to the other races in the interest of self preservation of their race & promoting niceness.

9 years ago

Let’s see you give some of your money. Surely you have five or six dollars you can give. Then we will take you seriously. Until then, what you say means nothing.

9 years ago

Surely Robby I know you people of other races don’t make much money but you can’t expect White people to pay for your other races preservation groups. Why don’t you try to get hired by one of your own rich other race people & pay for your own other races preservation groups. The nerve of these other races, man that’s arrogant.

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