Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 5-25-14

Kyle Chapman is a long time White Nationalist from New Zealand.

He was National Director of the NZNF in the early – Mid 2000’s and has stood as candidate for Mayor in Christchurch three times.

Kyle formed the ‘Right Wing Resistance’ in 2009 and has steadily built his movement up over the last five years.

He annually speaks at the White Pride World Wide gathering in New Zealand.

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Great show as always Paul. I enjoyed your guest. Thank you!



You’re welcome Brian – thanks.


Great show Paul! Thanks for reporting on the elections!


Another great show Paul, thanks! So good to hear fellow New Zealanders speaking on these issues on Renegade and 2 in one week! Massive effort man! Hail!

the jam brothers

Re Imagery and its impact upon perception [of the youth] –

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a symbol is worth a thousand pictures.

Paul Hickman

You’re welcome TrueNorthNZ. Will you be contacting rwr? I would if I lived in NZ. I’d probably join NF as well.


Definitely thinking about making contact in one way or another Paul. Keen to get a t-shirt or 2 as well and start wearing them on certain occasions when I know they’ll start the conversation flowing 😉

Paul Hickman


Glad to hear. Going by the pictures there’s quite a stronghold of WN in Christchurch. If I manage to get down there for a trip in the future, that’s where I’ll be heading.