Voice of Albion w/ Paul Hickman 5-7-14

Paul interviews Arlette Baldacchino who is standing in the European Elections on 24th May 2014.

Arlette is standing for Imperium Europa – a Nationalist Party in Malta.

Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey 1948

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6 years ago

I am very concerned about the African refugees. It will affect all European countries.
I have written a good letter and sent it to nearly all MEPs, my UK MP and the UK PM.
What else can we do? This is serious and we cannot wait for the nationalists to get elected.
The Best of Luck to Imperium Europa. I agree that all Europeans should unite to solve a common problem and sort out our differences later.

6 years ago

Paul, why did you say Jim’s last name like that? I don’t get it.

Anyway, I would like to hear Hardpecka do tomorrows show

Reply to  Vincent
6 years ago

Not his real name? What makes you thin that? (Sarcasm)

6 years ago

OK just got to the part of the vid where she says thats lies…

Reply to  S
6 years ago


“Personal Life
On the afternoon of 8th December, 2009, Caruana Galizia’s husband Peter, 54, lodged a report at Mosta police station, claiming to have been the victim of physical abuse at the hands of his wife at their home in Bidnjia.”

The female author of that piece beat up her own husband, haha.

6 years ago

Great to have you on Renegade Sir Paul. This was a very delightful show. I enjoy your British accent and your pretty Italian guest. Keep up the good work! Hails from across the pond 88

Paul Hickman
6 years ago


It’s not his real name presumably. Think about it. I like Jim too.

Paul Hickman
6 years ago


Thanks Brian. 88

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