Wardo Rants: Aryans Under Attack (4-4-17)

The show starts off with a discussion of the ancient and extraordinary origins of the Aryan people and how there is a concerted effort to destroy this bloodline. In the second hour Kyle Hunt comes on to discuss his film Hellstorm, the true nature of WW2, and the jewish-dominated world unfurled since.

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Good show Wardo. The destruction of the aryan bloodline is the goal of the world destroyers. To put it in perspective the Kievan Rus where the scythians the ancestors of the ukrainians whom suffered under the holodomor because of khazar vengeance. Then we had the irish potato famine under the evil Cromwell. Then the germans suffering under 2 world wars and kaufmanns book germany must perish. 3 aryan ethnic groups suffering under talmudic brutality, and it still continues unabated !!!

thank you .. in my documentary the greatest lie ever told .. history is not what you think .. I share that the Kievan Rus conquered the Khazars before Genghis Khan .. took their land and the lot .. they have a hatred at least since then. Right now I am in the middle of completing a mini doc on preservation of the Aryan Race .. this should be pretty good .. tracing us back to Mesopotamia and more .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFfy-AAQ2EU&t=102s


Yes i agree. The history of Kievska Rus has been mostly expunged from the history books. It was a huge empire of trade and great noble warriors like Svyatoslav, Jaroslaw the wise, Volodimir Monomaxh and others. Pecherska Lavra monastery kept a lot of texts and learning for the Orthodox Rus. Two great poets of Ukraine Ivan Franko and Taras Shevchenko wrote about the old forgotten history of Kievska Rus and noble aryan kozaks the zaporozhia !

I know .. I love this history .. I will be continuing this study.


Very interesting show. Concerning the blonde haired, blue eyed Middle Easterners, one also has to consider the slaves from Europe, that were brought there in very large numbers. These bloneds could well be descendants of those unfortunate people.

Look up the Aryans of the Iranian plateau .. there is quite a bit of fascinating information in this


Great show, Wardo. Yes, you are right about the connection between Isis/Saudi Arabia’s elite and our main focus of attention. For people knew to this, they might want to explore this with, say on startpage.com (why give your data to Google, owned by…), “Iraqi Intel – The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots_0.pdf” as well as “14-ConfessionsOf ABritishSpy.pdf” — please note that quotation marks are essential. You need explore the Dönmeh, a very interesting contemporary author (whom you could invite on RB) is Christopher Jon Bjerknes. On Archive.org, in the text section, copy paste Christopher Jon Bjerknes genocide (no quotation marks this time). Enough for several days of reading…


How do we stop this infernal death machine? There has been not one iota of slowing down or even flinching of the kikernaut monster. No slacking no slowing. It is like throwing polystyrene packing peanuts at an oil tanker to try and affect it. Everything works in their favour. I don’t know how, but they have rigged the whole game. Little by little, over vast periods of time. It all gets done. It all falls into place. There has to be some demonic force that operates through all of them like a Hivemind. This is not normal in any form, even if there were such powerful Aryans, how did this tribe of stained underwear get a drop on us? It does not make sense.


Can someone please get Thomas Goodrich on the air and see if he still has a hard-on for Trump. I used to have a tremendous deal of respect for Goodrich, but when he came out for Trump, I pretty much wrote him off. Perhaps he’s woken from his stupor with this disgusting attack on Syria.


http://thomasgoodrich.com/category/daily/ Must listen to audio of Thomas Goodrich responding to Donald Drumpf’s attack on Syria. He says he feels like he got “butt fucked.” He’s shocked that Drumpf went back on his word. How fucking gullible Goodrich is. After reading Hellstorm, which is an amazing book, I thought Goodrich would have been the last person to believe the jew Donald Drumpf. But nooooooooo, he fell hard for that piece of filth. He was in jizz heaven with The Donald. I will keep Hellstorm, but as for the rest of Tom Goodrich, I can only say: Fuck off you worthless piece of gullible goy shit!


I definitely will listen to that audio of Tom, Renny, and fully understand your DEEP disappointment about the shilling he did for DD, as am I.


BTW, the book Kyle mention is Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor; the interview he made with the author: The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-11-14 http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/the-blitzkrieg-broadcast-w-kyle-hunt-4-11-14/


BlitzkrieBroadcast w/Kyle on renegade — will definitely listen to that 2014 show. thanks for the link, Mischling.


Great section with Kyle discussing architecture; may I point to an interesting article? Again, go to the text section (second search field) of archive.org, and copy paste leonard feeney designs art architecture. No need for quotation marks. This short article by Father Leonard Feeney provides a good (but unfortunately too short) introduction to ‘their’ designs on art and architecture.


Essential section with Kyle Hunt from 58min onwards.
Links to the documentaries mentioned in the second segment:

Hellstorm – The Genocide of Germany

The Last Days of The Big Lie by Eric Hunt

Based on the book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Jüri Lina

YouTube belongs to Google, which belongs to…


UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION – am still reading that, Mischling, and thanks for all of the above links. Will go there.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: Germany’s Cabinet approved a new bill that punishes social networking sites if they fail to swiftly remove illegal content such as hate speech or defamatory fake news. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet agreed on rules that would impose fines of up to 50 million euros on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said that the companies offering such online platforms are responsible for removing hateful content. He said the new bill would not restrict the freedom of expression, but intervene only when criminal hatred or intentionally false news are posted. Germany poses a particular problem for U.S.-owned social networking sites accustomed to American standards of free speech. Due to its Nazi… Read more »


Great, lets all flood faceberg with “hate speech” (basically anything that does not worship the kike) and get her to fine them. Its their money.

I am sure my posting of the giant jew genociders JPG on multiple European sites must have been in there somewhere. LeL.


You sure look like one of those scary bikers. Have you ever been a biker? If you are considering becoming a biker, I would suggest staying away from the Hells Angels of Canada, as three chapters work closely with law enforcement, thus allowing them to commit crimes, whilst collecting intelligence on other bikers worldwide for Canadian police/intelligence services, who then share this information with other law enforcement across the US, Australia, Europe etc. For example, the Nanaimo Chapter, East End Chapter (Vancouver, BC) and Kitchener Chapters all work closely with either the RCMP, OPP, Vancouver PD or Waterloo Regional PD. Furthermore, the RCMP/Victoria PD has had the Nanaimo Chapter attempt to intimidate me on multiple occasions within Greater Victoria, BC. The East End Chapter has… Read more »


What do you look like?
We have heard this boring, unrelated story of yours before.

yes I ride a bike .. not into the gang crap though .. I don’t play well with others .. lol


The Yiddish Empire (instead of the British Empire), as acknowledged indirectly at http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/this-day-in-jewish-history/1864-global-trade-tycoon-david-sassoon-dies-1.475878 The flag follows trade, not the other way round.


Just that name, The Yiddish Empire, makes me want to gag, Mischling. Will make myself click on to that Haaretz article.


“Rogue Nation Being Run by a CHABAD MAFIA – The Oded Yinon Plan Phase 3” posted today at utube. Another great video by Waldo. All should contribute to him, paying no mind to that one caller who told Eddie he was better off not getting donations. Bull Shit. We make his work even better by helping him with cold hard cash. Thanks, everyone


Excellent set, I finally got to listening to it in full. Kyles cameo was superb, and covered all the necessary relevant hitpoints. This whole show is a classic in content.