Wardo Rants: Censored! Tracking the Tribe’s Lies and Crimes (7-12-17)

Eddy talks about the recent attacks against his youtube channel by the jewish censors, and then discusses some of the information in his censored videos, especially dealing with who kosher czars really are by tracking them back through their alleged texts and timelines. He then deals with more recent events and how the world is shaping up due to their incredible power over the narrative.

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It is a pleasure to be among brave souls, if only digitally. Thanks Eddy and everybody out there who exposes the Jews.

Hey Tristan .. the thanks goes to people like you that are eager to learn and teach others .. I think it is time for more than just talk though .. people in my circles are talking about the need for a military type action to round up and try these criminals .. strip them of their assets and let them spend the rest of their miserable lives in jail..

Hi Eddy,
I think you are correct in suggesting that Stalin may have been a Jew. Most everyone around him was a Jew. The Jews who supported him were pro-Stalinist. The Jews whom Stalin had killed were pro-Trotsky. He had Soviet agents (probably Jews) to kill Trotsky in Mexico where he was in exile.
I am glad you brought out Putin’s Jew roots on his mother’s side. Among Putin’s supporters are Chabad-Lubavitch. This organization is part of the Jew Mafia.
Please keep up the good work.
Your listener,
John Smith

I thought it was great that some one went into the Jew take over russia with the cover of the bolshevik. This is undisputable fact that the herd cant deny. And then Putin? Russia is jew central and has been for over 100 years and Putin might be otherwise while he locks em up for anti semite bs just as Lenin did from the start? No wonder they think we are clueless cattle fit for the slaughter. Im glad Urban comes around to remind me that this so called movement is for the most part a hodge podge of nonsense.

The U.S. Is now global Jew central but let’s pretend the problem is elsewhere

Eddy, Putin wouldn’t let you spew your ‘biblical antisemitism.’ That’s one of his specific laws.
It is ironic that you said you wait for Vlad’s yarmulke-wearing dad-bod in the very show that you use the bible to say that ‘these assholes are not Jews, but are the synagogue of………. vagueness?.’ Good thing you’re not in Russia, right?