Wardo Rants: Consolidating Control Through Continuous Crises (6-20-17)

Eddy talks about many of the important unfolding events around the world, putting them into a bigger context. The criminal controllers never let up, always creating crises in order to further their consolidation of power and shut down dissent. Further description pending.

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6 years ago

Enjoyed the show

Every nationalist should call the UK high rise fire a hollocaust that it is by definition

It came out the (Jewish owners? ) must have had “dead peasant” insurence as they just redid there insurence a few months before ala 911 from 20 million to over a billion

It is our chance to co op the word hollocaust as it gets deleted as fast as posted. “A sacrifice by fire”

Over 500 dead all on the shoulders of the crooked elite and government

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