Wardo Rants: Cynthia McKinney – Diagnosing The Diseases of DC (4-18-17)

The first hour has rants about a variety of issues concering the system of tyranny under which we live and what is happening in the geopolitical world, and then in the second hour former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney joins to discuss her struggles in Washington, the power of the Israel lobby, child trafficking, future political ambitions, transcending the trap of party politics, and much more.

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I have not listened to the show yet, but I am so glad that you got Cynthia McKinney on Wardo Rants’ s show. Congratulations for this because for America (or even Europe for that matter) to become ‘great again’ one needs many, many more Congress members of the moral integrity of Cynthia McKinney. In addition, although I respect Renegade’s fight against the white extinction agenda (‘programmed’ or, rather, set into motion at least 200 years ago), I feel that bridges must be built with open-minded members of other races as the end goal of the ‘string pullers’/puppeteers is ultimately extinction of ALL HUMANS except for a few slaves here and there.

Nick Dean

By any objective level she’s better than most pols or Blacks. It still didn’t stop her suggesting Black Americans should be financially compensated out of Whitey’s pockets for 9/11. It didn’t stop her supporting every manner of more orthodox anti-White policy while in Congress. And serving in Congress should be just that, a service, not a well-paid career option.

It isn’t wise to put ourselves in partnership with merely the least bad mainstream option. If we keep doing that then every next day’s least bad mainstream option will be worse than today’s. We have to attack even the McKinneys for their positions hostile to us.


Nick, I WISH that prior plan of recompense had gone forward! It would have gone from: a) “whitey owes us” to b) “holy shit, the jews owned ALL the slave ships and THOSE yiddish niggas owes us, not the true Europeans!”
^ PLEASE let the debate begin on “reparations!” Let the demonic degenerate juden be FOREVER exposed as the enemy of ALL mankind!
Think it’ll be difficult in a post-jew world to see eye-to-eye with Afrikans? We didn’t enslave them in the first place and education on this factoid is key to a post-KIKE world after those filthy goddamned pieces of shit are RIGHTEOUSLY put-down FOREVER.


I agree that education is ‘a’ if not ‘the’ most important weapon in our arsenal with which to fight back*. Unfortunately, although the numbers are (still) on our side (in relation to the kikes only, that is), they have slyly managed to tighten their stranglehold on information (the press, the media, electronic communication, publishing, computing, you name it) over the past 200 years that the non-KIKES have to come to be very, very creative not merely to be able to fight back, but simply for them to be able to ensure survival of their genetic pool… * Hence the importance of ‘occupying’ the Internet, especially any of the ‘gaps’ left open in the mainstream media, even if only temporarily – for instance, RT (look up… Read more »


Absolutely. And this is why – in my outward appearance – I have no problem whatsoever wearing SS, Kriegsmarine, Heer, etc runes and symbols on my clothing. Just in the last 2-3 years I’ve spoken with hundreds of people at random and planted that seed. People want to know and if I can point them in the correct direction, then my job is done.


Alliances can be temporary and limited.


I liked Cynthia she is a good human. Good people are not allowed into power. It makes think more about how this is all a spiritual war between good and evil. Massimo brought that up in his interview and he is correct that the elites in power are using darkness and magick to control us. I am thinking that is the reason we are in this situation. As a people we are not using our spiritual power as individuals or as a group and until we achieve some level that balances out the excessive darkness this is just going to continue.

What people need to know .. For the first time right here on Renegade Broadcasting .. Cynthia McKinney reveals 2 things never before talked about . 1. that congress was gagged on 911 by means of being given talking points and not to sway from these. .. 2. that in a closed session of congress where only members were to be in attendance. Quite a large number of Israeli Mossad were in attendance

happy shicksa

I thank you again for the great show. I do not know what that guy was talking about. She did not say we should pay blacks compensation for anything. She s not a shill. She cared deeply about her constituency when in office, albeit 8 years and enough time to come to understand this politically better than most. This is a ZOG problem all of us are experiencing and they are the only enemy of humankind!


Wardo, if you back-off your accusation of the NSDAP being kike-infiltrated (despite their unequivocal record of empowering Germanic Aryan peoples culturally and economically) within Europe, I think I’ll begin to trust you… somewhat.

First off your own accusation is a bold faced lie or completely misleading at best .. I have never claimed that the National Socialist party was or even had anything to do with the jews. Better get your facts straight!!


You said it during one of your shows – try elaborating.

you must be thinking of someone else

Shawna Marie

Cynthia McKinney helped to confirm my suspicions regarding the deep state & 911 back when they were trashing her on the fake news. What an amazing woman. Thank you Wardo!

happy shicksa

We are all slaves to USARY. It was nice for Cynthia to come on the show. She is no holds barred. Please go to her FB page Cynthia Mckinney PHD (official) we can support her on midnight oil as well. Anyone with her twitter account hopefully will post it. 535 people in congress are willingly being (blackmailed) held hostage by AIPAC. I hope someone puts another billboard up.


Is she a vegan?
She better be or she is an asshole


@Joyster: How does it feel to be this butt hurt over people being healthier than you? Weren’t you sick for a whole month?


I just wanna fit in and call people assholes and morons and tell them they have holes in their heads, make fun of them because they were sick…..ya know, nice stuff like that ….. Tell them how to eat and think, no group think, no never here, of course. Opinions from the cheap seats are usually polite but the caustic rudeness here is divisive and unnecessary and not very academic or classy either. As I said, sickness is from emotions and having to deal with a lifetime of people that act like you, coupled with potential of homelessness, finally caught up to me so I grieved and that resulted in bronchitis, which I haven’t had for forty years. Check out the vegan food section next… Read more »


@ Joyster – Since you’re not vegan, would you like some cheese with that whine?


Thank you for the great example that you set.


Joyster Are you kidding me right now? Don’t start shit with people and then cry and play the victim later. I was being really civilized with you and you immediately got defensive and called me names for no reason. You never told me your story or why you felt the way you did you just thought you were better than everyone else and know everything. You are self projecting right now and I can tell that you have not done self improvement in years. I actually have compassion for your story of homelessness and sickness and I deal with the same problems myself. I just think you should look at yourself and what actions you have taken to make people react the way they do… Read more »


Hysteria the TROLL


Joyster I was actually going to apologize to you for the fact that it got so ugly between us. I hold no negative feelings for you and I care about you and what you are going through.


Guilt trip
Boo hoo


You tried, Asteria; sad that sometimes olive branches get crushed.

Conflict always has something to teach. Integrity always beckoning. None is not invited.


Thanks Elizabeth I wouldn’t say it is crushed because I still stay true to my statement. As long as I don’t further anymore hostility I am ok. I defend myself when attacked but I know when to let things go.

happy shicksa

So I like the shows here and all of us are for peace right? It seems that there are lots of caustic remarks thrown around. I am seeing lots of put downs on the Alt Right all the time. Why do we give them that much power? They are a completely controlled dialectic so is it important to keep posting stuff about them? I still look at Red Ice from time to time. They seem to have cognitive dissonance now thank god. We have to be more solution oriented. Can we brainstorm on this?


“To be nobody but yourself in a world
which is doing its best day and night to make you like
everybody else means to fight the hardest battle
which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”

e.e. cummings

happy shicksa

I hope you enjoyed the show. This is a joke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUGB0zUlUxo

happy shicksa

another quote…
“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” Miyamoto Musashi

happy shicksa

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Krishnamurti

Everyone knows that one!

happy shicksa

I just heard another talk by Cynthia. Her son is as active as she is. He teaches urban garden growing in DC. I think Kyle should interview the two of them together. I like hearing about successes like that!


Much like the Deutsche Reich, there are times where our color differences are cast aside in our ongoing battle against the filthy juden oppressors… Cynthia McKinney was one of the ONLY people in the US Congress who acquitted herself as an unequivocal BOSS after the kikes “shocked” the American sheep/patriotards into going along with the jew world order after Israel executed the 9/11 attacks. ^ Basically, if more black Americans were as educated/practical as she is, they wouldn’t be shining the freemasons shoes or joining idiotic sororities/frats and being filthy judeo-freemasons by proxy. Unfortunately, too many idiots bought-into the media’s accusation as McKinney being an “uppity” negroid rather than someone who had finally realized that the jew world order had closed their latest (and greatest)… Read more »


great show. loved mckinney’s little jab at the end: “where’s the rant?”

Ingrid B

Impeaching Trump is, I believe, part of the plan, after which Pence steps in and will be in office for ten years, sooo, nothing will change, except the puppet in power..

Another decent person who might have made a difference is Merlin Miller, but one or two decent people face a formidable opposition..

Hey everyone .. Sorry for missing Tuesdays show .. If you watched my Video PEDO-GATE .. GOVERNMENT .. SATANISM .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtQ_orAqLo4 .. you know that I started this video with my personal story of Pedophilia in the home. As it turns out my Mother brought a convicted Pedophile into our home. My little sister was repeatedly raped by this sick bastard from the age of about 7 and for how long I couldn’t even guess. Because I left the home at 13 to evade the violent beatings from this man. Well on Tuesday I was going through the family drama and tried to talk to her on the phone, which didn’t go so well. Well my head was swimming so badly that I could’t clear… Read more »


Sincerest condolences Eddy. Family & your own wellbeing first mate so take all the time you need. Look forward to future content when you’re good & ready. Stay strong brother!

Just waiting for the date for her memorial 400 miles from my location. get that through with and I will be goo to go .. there is so much to be talking about it isn’t even funny.

happy shicksa