Wardo Rants: Dealing with the Devils in DC (6-6-17)

Eddy talks about a number of current events affecting our country as well as the whole world, including the Bilderberg meeting, the people to whom Trump is indebted, Jared Kushner and other kosher connections, foreign policy, and much more.

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The trap as you can see all around being promoted is kill the constitution and bill of rights to be replaced by global limited regulated “rights” given and taken away daily as the legal dog chain yanks you for being a good slave or bad slave.

We have a legal system to try hang and drive out the traitors the biggest lie is that we can “start over” penny less and powerless vs all the money and corruption of global Jewry.

The people still believe in freedom and “USA” that’s a huge advantage and why they import mercs by the millions

welcome to the beginning of the Talmudic law of the land .. lol


Look into the jpmoegan chase global city’s initiative. They always had to kill the U.S. And dollar to usher in the Kabbalist dream of 10,000 slaves per Jew.

The will blame the “evil whites” and have billions of concentration guards more then happy to kill and rape whites by the tens of millions.

“Look over there” distractions has always been there modes operandi