Wardo Rants: Erin Dakins – A Vicious Tribe of Vampires (5-2-17)

Eddy speaks to Erin Dakins about what is happening in our world with the Trump presidency, Biblical narratives unfurling, the reasons for the ritual abuse of youth, how she views the Edomites, and some other contentious issues.

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Edomites???? Sounds like yet another way to not call a spade a spade. Or, in this case, not call a fucking jew a fucking jew.

Eddie is calling it like it is. Perhaps she has a following from the Christians? Nevertheless they covered a lot. Some good and some a little DRECKY jew word for manurelike.

As I have with all of my guests .. talked with them before the show .. gave them bullet points. I specifically said that I wanted to stay focused on. I use the Bible on occasion as reference to linage and such .. there are several points that I completely disagree w/ Erin on . . This talk was supposed to be about the jew issue of control and current events as I tried to lay out in my intro

as I said in the interview .. it does not matter what you or I believe .. its what they .. the JEWS believe

Good job “knowing” is much better than “believing” then! 😉 Which sounds better –
“I believe that’s true.”

Isn’t that what black Israelites Whites?

I finally got to listen to the rest of the show today. So glad Urban called in. This all was really just a bit too much Christ-Insanity retardation for my tastes. I’m not a fucking jew and I personally don’t want anything to do with the fuck-tard known as Yahweh, which the guest referred to as “the Father”. (Gag.) And just because one doesn’t believe in the unHoly Bi-bull does not necessarily mean that one is an evolutionist. Oh my, I really need to listen to a re-run of one of Giuliani’s Bi-bull bashing shows after this nonsense. (UJG, please host a show or even do an occasional wildcard!)

The Might is Right Crowd throw hermaphrodite-volcano-demon barbs of flame at Christinsanity but never a word about the Lord of Hosts of the Old Testament or he-she’s philosophy. Also (nym) Ragnar Ragnarok’s “Might is Right” book was published in the same era as The Protocols, both ‘anonymous’; same source? From The Protocols: Protocol #1 “Our right lies in force. The word “right” is an abstract thought and proved by nothing. The word means no more than: Give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.” Same philosophy, no? Might is only a vector, not an objective. We’re in a hall of mirrors. Whites, being an unusually moral people by and large, to be cohesively… Read more »

If might is right, then try welding aluminium with an arc welder. Its right alright i you just want molten slag.

Also why we should NEVER surrender to the kike. Because they fear an actual consequence, they are counting on us being scared enough to lie down and surrender before the shitstorm comes knocking on their door. They are HOPING that we will give up, becuase if it did come to a confrontation, they would be annihilated.

I don’t agree with Renny much at all BUT on this he’s correct! I also just listened to the show & this guest was absolutely horrible! She was spouting Christian Identity/British Israelism crap all over the place right from the outset but when outrightly challenged on that by Urban (good on ya girl!) she totally tried to avoid being labeled as such. What a joke! Nothing against you Eddy but I thought we’d dispelled these CI nutters from Renegade ages ago. Looks like they keep trying to sneak their garbage back in any way they can. I’m sure this was as embarrassing & painful for Kyle as it was for me to have to listen to!

“the Father” (Gag) indeed! These christcucks all have the worst daddy issues imaginable! The biggest problem being they “believe” YOU are the problem if you don’t join in with their christard insanity! Mass mind control is real (IsReal) & it’s been around for a long time!

Hi the nephilim and other fundamentalist tangent took away from the seriousness of the conversation. Your guest also always praised the anglosaxons. What about the celtic and slavic peoples. Only english! Wtf!!
Germans, ukrainians, polish, greeks, not aryans? CI christ identity is a fable.
I always hear about blonde blue eyed how about us aryans who are blonde with hazel green eyes, or red heads with grey eyes. Eye color is diversity of out folk..

Thank you!!

I found the guest to be extremely glib and condescending. The kicker was when she said something to the effect that we can’t wake out people up and it’s up to ‘the father’ to do that so we just have to wait patiently for him to decide enough is enough. Kyles expose of Trump repeating ‘sleep, go to sleep’ comes to mind.

This woman is an agent of demoralization if I ever heard one. She thought she could put one over on the renegade audience. Well, she’s WRONG.

A big shout out to Urban Jungle Girl for calling out this purveyor of abrahamic horse shit.

Hear! Hear! Well said!

I’m really enjoying your shows, Wardo. Keep up the good work.

Some of you, are tirants who want to limit the discussion to your believes. I don’t care where good comes from. I’m a “christian” who knows that many, who deny Christ, are much closer to Christ then many so called christians.
Why do you attack the messenger. Refute what was sayed. Othervise you are just a divisive force who only poisons the well. (Tipical jew)

JEW! JEW! JEW! JEW! JEW! IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME YOU’RE A TYPICAL JEW!!! Now go back to school & learn some grammar first before you go judging everyone with your mind virus like a “typical christian” slave. Christian Identity is an illness of the mind. There was no attack just clarification of the underhanded tactics this woman was using in trying to sell the CI garbage because she obviously knows she’s not preaching to the converted here! When are you “meek” ever going to wake up & smell the reality?! If you really want to fight the real enemy then YOU stop being devisive & put your religion to one side while the more important issues of race & survival are dealt with. That’s… Read more »

Christian Identity isnt about religion, its about race. If we adhered to God’s laws we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now.

Now pull the other one – it’s got bells on! “Christian Identity isnt about religion…” LOL! “God’s laws…” LOL! I actually feel sorry for you that you “believe” such garbage. IQ is determined by our genes – you’ve probably reached the limit of your genetic ability right there with your belief & RELIGION so it’s not really your fault.

Fucken jews

I senced panic in the callers voice, unity is the main enemy of the jews, zionist’s, edomites etc.

I sensed a CI nutter sycophant in the above comment. My understanding of REAL “unity” after all my years of experience is that it really only works when like-minded people of the same kith & kin come together to fight an enemy. You are not my kith & kin and your religion is foreign to my people. Your “words” here in this place mean NOTHING! Now go learn to spell – illiteracy is a terrible look when you are trying to appear “righteous”.