Wardo Rants: God’s Chosen Genocidal Maniacs (5-9-17)

Eddy discusses the all-out assault by the tribe of criminals across the board and how we need to resist their tyrannical terror.

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Ingrid B
3 years ago

We allow (((them))) too much importance. We must unite, and tell (((them)) where to stuff (((their))) worthless currency, (((their))) noahide laws, (((their))) “prescious” metals and “jewels”. Tell (((them))) to take their worthless shit and sod off..
The former pres, of the old US, was a poof who married a tranny
The French poof pres, married a gal, who was almost as old as his granny

Ingrid B
Reply to  Ingrid B
3 years ago

The important things are your land, and water..

3 years ago

Now the Jews wish to side with MUSLIMS(yes!!!)to fight against the entire White Identity/”Alt-Right” movement in the West!… Guess that Jews are incurable BACK-STABBERS!!

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