Wardo Rants: Lyndon Johnson, Israeli Aggression & More (7-25-17)

Eddy talks about the story of Lyndon B. Johnson, the great lover of Israel and the jewish people as a whole, who appears to also be jewish himself. He then goes on to talk about the anti-BDS bill, turmoil in Jerusalem, what’s happening in America and around the world, and takes a call from John Smith.

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Thanks Eddy and John. Some great information as usual. It seems to me the chosen sodomites pick their dynamic duo decades in advance. They fix the pairings to further their goals. Like Kennedy/LBJ when a takeout is planned; or Obuma/paedo when it’s smooth genocidal sailing.

After ww3, crash and depression? Zuckerberg/Obama (Michael) 2024 to unite the world under b’nai b’rith and dr Bronner. A very deadly jewish soap opera.

Unless there’s something new here, Johnson does not appear to be Jewish. Conspiracy industry rumours to the contrary are wholly unconvincing. ‘Johnson was a Jew’ doesn’t answer any reasonable question. He simply seems to have been owned by Jews like almost all pols. And there would be no reason to hide such a fact in any case. Jewish guilt attaches more when Johnson was not Jewish, because Jews collectively made him serve their interests and undermine his own people’s. If Johnson was really a crypto-Jew and it is not known that anyone else was aware of the fact, as alleged in the standard alt-version, guilt attaches only to an individual, Johnson. It’s reasonable to think that Jews make White politicians act as traitors, not the… Read more »

look at his ancestors .. it tells the hole story

LBJ was a rat faced jew if ever there was one. Period.

Nick Dean appears not to have read the article documenting LBJ’S Jewish maternal lineage found on the Web site 5tjt.com. Comes up by a search “LBJ jew”. Odd that he would assert so strongly otherwise. The despicable LBJ, whom I voted for on his implied promise to reverse Vietnam policy, promptly ramped up the war after the election. This war served more than one Zionist objective. First, it gave distraction and cover for Israel’s expansionist military moves planned for this Era. Second, it generated domestic rebellion providing fertile ground for Jews to stir defiance, degeneracy and demoralization and pave the way for communistic social engineering moves like the War On Poverty and the anti White alteration of our immigration laws. Third, it killed off more… Read more »
Dale, I’ve seen everything in that article before, and it’s unconvincing because 1) all pols are slavish to organized Jewry, and 2) there would be no reason whatever for secrecy. So, ‘Johnson was a Jew, ‘ provides no answer to any reasonable question, but only raises a new anomaly that needs an explanation. Logic in reverse! Do you suppose Gordon Brown* is Jewish, also? And every other outwardly ‘gentile’ pol, media dandy, businessman or fixer who scurries around currying favour with Jews, lavishing concern and praise upon them? The final paragraph that speculates on whether Johnson was Jewish, does so on no other grounds than Ament and Perrin are said to be common Jewish names, yet then asserts, ‘there is little doubt that he was… Read more »

I meant to ask, what is it that convinces you fellas, Dale and wardo, that he was Jewish? Wardo might have covered it in his program, but didn’t make that clear in his response.