Wardo Rants: Teri Ambach – How to Unite & Take Action (4-11-17)

Eddy talks to Teri Ambach about a variety of topics related to the war(s) currently being waged: what does it mean to be an Aryan and the ways Aryans are attacked, the increasing war tensions around the world, what WW3 could entail, how can it be stopped, and more.

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it was my intention for this conversation to try to look for solutions that would reap immediate results .. the two key words are UNION & ACTION. We need a global Unity and an ACTION that would swiftly put an end to this Parasitical Cabal .. join in on this discussion here on my youtube channel and on Facebook .. thanks for listening

I totally agree with your call for unity, and will continue to join in with the conversations you have initiated, dear Wardo Rants. Thanks.

And, of course, with the need for the action that such global unity would allow, a swift end to “this Parasitical Cabal.” AMEN! Applause, applause

If you want a look at what Aryans believe look into Zoroastrianism that came out of the Scythian Aryans. Or in the Germanic sense its the idea that we can make Midgard more Noble like Asgard. The Aryan idea is willed conscious evolution striving to become better you can see it in a more exoteric form in the Prussian virtues. The last Shah removed by USA was a red haired zoroastrian from the caucasus. We Aryans came from the mountains of Northern Iraq after the black sea floods out of Sumeria. The Huns in the migrations ages had ran Visigoths an Sarmatian Scythians to found Gotholonia in Spain. But look what happened in Iraq they looted the Iraq museum in the Egyptian Sadam was actually… Read more »

My mind is still melting at this fact that we were compromised somehow. What is it about rabid shrieking brown people that turns us over at the drop of a hat? Seriously what is going on? How is it so easy to turn us up and inside out? How is it that the jew rothschild hasn’t been pinned in a corner and kicked to death? I am beginning to think that this whole life game is some Hell dimension we ended up in for being really bad in a previous existence, and this is the strip down process.

I agree it’s feels like we are trapped in a beautiful hijacked terrarium that’s being run by demons who feed off & recycle our souls. It’s a physical mental & spiritual battery hen operation.

I really don’t want to think that but the more I am honest, it seems that the jew has the upper hand because in this place the more underhanded and subversive you are the more it is easier and effective the outcome. THis place is set up for the bias to be in favour of the jew clot.

No sooner have I just finished typing this and look at HappyGoy’s twitter: “The Last Country America “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves “.

Additional: yes I believe the “Ancient Aliens” were some Aryan giants that were master artists at everything. The reason the structures were so big was that they (my guess) had superpsychic abilities to actively and decisively work on the external matter that “defies mainstream jew goy physics”, and be strong to lift the massive stones into place for a specific purpose. The scale was huge in proportion because of the size of these beings, not only because of direct natural technology.

Thanks to the Wardo Rants reply yesterday at You Tube under his video posted on Sun.:

“we must unite .. unite under the cause of saving humanity .. we are all a part of humanity. . they are trying to take out our blood lines .. well that is just exactly what we need to do .. take out..”

In “BREAKING: Trump & Deep State Push to ESCALATE Syrian Conflict to Global War” posted today, Eddie again dramatically paints the need for global unity and the taking of action against the “Parasitical Cabal” he names. All should watch and share and do as he asks! Thanks Wardo Rants. The times are as desperate as you have been pointing out. We are in such grievous trouble.

“Pedo-Gate – Hollywood – Government – Satanism” is featured in WardoRants YouTube comments. Narrarated by Eddie. Do watch, folks!

April 17, 2017.

From Chris Coleman.
Excellent show that you put together Wardo :on how to Unite and Take Action. Ms.Teri Ambach was a great guest.

You should
get Teri Ambach back on your next : Wardo Rants Show
again. Teri Ambach should also be your host on:Wardo Rants
Show:if you could Wardo possibly consider that idea.

Chris. Coleman.
United States.