Wardo Rants: Trump’s International Investors (5-23-17)

Eddy goes through the various financial individuals and institutions to whom Trump owes money, how this affects his political positions, the real kosher connection to Russia, the Saudi Arabian weapons deal, Monsanto, and much more.

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Update on the Manchester Arena blast. The same day Trump goes to the Western wall with rabbis and everything the Manchester Arena blast happens. ’22 people dead’ on the 22nd (not including the lone ‘suicide bomber’, who conveniently ‘exploded’.) Timing was 22:33. ‘The attacker’ was 22 years old. 26th of Iyyar 5777 on the Hebrew calendar. 26, 8, 26 = 8 8 8. Well isn’t that special. Oy gevalt.


Of course it was a stunt and staged. They want a war and now the UK has no government as it was disbanded along with the closing of parlement for “renovations”. Jews just took over the UK France is still under police rule state of emergency and the U.S. Is being stuffed with Zionist all while a global government police state is in effect

The first amendment will be the first to go


Yes. Once you learn some judaism this is easy. We are told his name is ‘Salman Abedi’. ‘Salman’ means ‘Shalom’, and ‘Salem’. JeruSalem. Same thing. According to Judaism, The Moshiach must rule the world from Jerusalem. ‘Ab Bet Din’ means ‘Father of the court of ju6stice’. Don’t believe me, just look it up for yourself.

Khazar. “Arthur Koestler” (Zionist) brought us “Khazar Fiction” (a fictional map of it that Never existed, similar to “Israelite Fiction” to help jews assimilate into “Christianized Lands) in the 70’s. Khazarian is a language comprised of many tongues incorporating slang gathered from Nations on rout via the Silk Road. This language is based on Phonetics (somewhat a Runic adaptation, Runes that belongs to us) and it is called Yiddish. In 1999 work began in Kazakhstan to create a fall-out city which according to the USAF Climatic Survey (2006), determiners Astana as being safe from any Nuclear fall-out from conflict in Europe and the Mid East. Back in January, with the approval of Iran, a conference was held on Syria that Excluded the United States, even… Read more »

yes and we can go further up the food chain: GE Engineers and American Government Officials Warned of Dangerous Nuclear Design

5 of the 6 nuclear reactors at Fukushima are General Electric Mark 1 reactors.

GE knew decades ago that the design was faulty.
But this was only part of the problem .. Building this facility right on the Coast with no protection and on multiple Tectonic plates converging was a disaster waiting to happen. Or was the intended consequence?


Israel ran security and did some updates a few weeks before if I recall.

With fracking targeting fresh water supply’s globally you basically have them doing the biblical thing of destroying one third of the oceans and one third of the water supply

They hate man and nature

with all of the secrecy surrounding the so-called fracking solutions .. the shit they pump onto the wells .. thinking of the number one way to get rid of fluoride was to give it to the people introduced through their drinking water and come up with the lie that is was good for your teeth .. My bet is that this bullshit that they are pumping into the wells is just more Toxic industrial waste ..


Oh the mob industry and fracking connections are proven including radioactive waste. In fact they probably make more money dumping then pumping. Also they place them on the U.S. Fault lines to split us in two theoretically. The largest aquifers in California were destroyed with fracking waste.

You can not believe in good evil and prophesy but those at the tippy top sure as Hell do…

To lead the people at this point you have to make a better offer then the system. They are always “progressing” to a place called hell on earth the people just assume they meant heaven

Fukushima done on purpose. I have no doubt. The West closes all its reactors down, but Japan is given the privy for some energy Autonomy on proviso. Not long after the Japanese Parliament questioned 9/11 with some mockery of the Deliberate and obvious Lies, the event, Fukushima, took place. Reprisal. Chernobyl: this was another False Flag event, and boy, did they bloviate the situation (using doctored images and so on) on the basis of damage to the environment, (as they are still doing today with Fukushima), none actually occurred, the people who refused to leave are still alive today. You can have bed and breakfast there the same as Bikini Atoll, and furthermore, Japans fishing industry is unaffected. You might be thinking that i’m an… Read more »

Ingrid B

I believe it was James Corbett who reported that Monsanto is weaseling it`s way into China..