Weekly Dossier: Aftermath (4-13-17)

John speaks to Gwenne and Joyster about a wide variety of subjects related to health-related issues, current crises, food preferences, and more.

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I commend Renegade and John for being in the fight for our race and for all the work they do. If I don’t like the style of a host or if the content is something I’m already familiar I just shut it off. Different host have different styles, why is necessary to cut someone down or instigate division ?

I also like John’s energy: respectful and easy-going, but quick and intelligent.

To all the critics why don’t you guys call in & contribute sometime? Try hosting a wildcard?

Or girls…..
How about a talk on disaster preparation?
That would be useful subject.

My main point was division in the ranks and a lot of these comments are another example of just that!
The comment in the chat about John liking pussy was uncalled for.
Grow up

the keyboard critics are unhappy. DIY

Probably best not to read the comments, even if people are positive. I’m sure you could know all you need to know just by listening back to an episode after it’s recorded.

I’m sad I missed this originally. Just found it today. Thanks for mentioning chlorophyll~!

I think so far AIPACALYSE that John and Kyle attended was the peak for our listening. I do not blame John for content, all the whiners here did they do activism like that? I for one am reflecting on what activism I might do daily. I am too old to make trips across the country so for the young whiners why don’t you call in and tell us about your activism?

Good show, John Smith as was your one week later follow up to this show where you mentioned Peak Oil, may I suggest you look at Abiogenic Oil and decide if oil is a fossil fuel. Joyster, I like this lady, hey, I love this lady and I not be the boyfriend she refers to in this show. I be of the Macdonald clan and she mentioned the Campbells and the Macdonalds who once were warring clans and now need to / must be called together, as an example to all, to end this perpetual divisiveness that is here, there and every feckin’ where.

Joyster, what do you have against us white dissidents exposing and fighting white genocide??

I have no idea where this comment originated, as these sentiments are not mine and this subject was not discussed with Gwen and John.
So therefore, those were not my words either and never will be.
Maybe we need that troll wall that Frederick installed on his site?

No offence meant, but you seemed to lament Red Ice’s more recent committment to racial issues and white genocide in particular. Did I misinterpret? If I did, I apologize.

Was going to comment on the ladies table but then I saw the comment section.

Not good internet radio John, boring, not trying to be a dick, just constructive criticism, hopefully you are not trying to find an internet girlfriend 🙂

Your turn

Hey Joyster.
I really like John, he has had some interesting shows in the past but when he does a boring show Ima gonna call him out, and for the record I didn’t say it was a bad show, just that it was boring, no offense to the ladies on the show.

It was boring as hell. Renegade is losing it’s edge. Sorry if that pisses anybody off, but it’s true. When you consider the crisis we’re in, one expects more from this channel than people chatting about yoga and nonsense.

What about give and take? Kyle and John “expected more” from their listeners & supporters at aipac. Where were you all for that crisis? Did the thought of confronting jews, suddenly make our folk “lose their edge?”
The founders & hosts do this at their own expense, time and threats to family/livelihood. I’m not having a go at you personally; you may be very proactive. I just think we should be encouraging our White brothers/sisters who step up, not whinging. Remember, Renegade runs 7/52.

Renny’s just a serial whiner who’s been doing nothing but moaning in the comments lately. Calls others “boring” but all HE does is sit on a keyboard punching out inane comments one after the other. Get off your ass & DO something you no-life loser! You’re starting to look like a real douchebag!

As for those who question some of us who give honest criticism and toss out the question “What are YOU doing?” Please know that activism takes many forms, much of it beyond having a website, and within communities and other networks.


Not everyone that criticizes a surgeon is a surgeon.

Not everyone that criticizes a ballerina is a ballerina.

Not everyone that criticizes an architect is an architect.

Not everyone that criticizes a radio broadcast is a radio broadcaster.

You get the point.

We have a right to our opinions.

“As for those who blah blah blah…”
There’s constructive criticism & then there’s just whining – Renny is a whiner & the proof is rife throughout the comments. Also, nobody even suggested that one’s own action has to reciprocate the action of the person they decide to personally attack/criticize/whine about so your little speech about surgeons & ballerinas was rather silly & void. I prefer to use common sense when analyzing any given situation. That old adage about it being better to be thought of as a fool than to open one’s mouth & remove all doubt is very apt here – thinking you’re smart isn’t the same as being smart…

What’s not constructive about pointing out that someone in frequently interrupting and talking over others? Would it not be constructive to point that out so as to advance profitable dialogue? I, for one, wanted to hear more of John but… Anyway, when the mean card is played, I find that anti-constructive.

“What’s not constructive…”
Whining about it the comments is not constructive no matter how much you try & fool yourself & others that it somehow is. Did you ring in to offer constructive criticism face-to-face? No. You & people like you NEVER do. Look, you & the other typists can crap on all you like in the comments but until you simply just call in & offer your input or do a wildcard yourself or show us your own videos or broadcasts or some other physical sign that you’re actually DOING anything then you will not be taken at all seriously & just looked upon as nothing more than the whiners you are. Simple really.

I’m here, and I’m learning. I don’t have to do anything according to your demands or your time schedule. I am my own guide.

We gotta call ’em as we see ’em or we’re blind followers.

Yes, it is worth reminding listeners/readers that the founders and hosts are exposing themselves, unlike people like me who use a pseudonym, and that their are devoting considerable amounts (and thus money) into this network…

thanks Anthony- I had a totally different direction prepared, but I like these two ladies and Gwenne was her first time being on for an extended period and I want to encourage that.

And sorry, Joyster, but you came across to me as a know it all and you kept interrupting the others or talking over them. It was especially troubling when John was going a bit deeper with some of his personal issues/stances, and those never got to come out. I have to agree with the “boring” judgement. One other thing in response to Joyster mentioning that some people don’t like it that Renegade is promoting veganism and juicing. I, for one fully applaud that promoting. We are a sick nation and guilty of profound cruelty. To become healthy and centered affords us more of the wherewithal to be solution-oriented. Yes, no one will be absolutely perfect in this, but it sets the bar and cultivates discipline.… Read more »

“Joyster mentioning that some people don’t like it that Renegade is promoting veganism and juicing” Fuck those people. Who gives a fuck what they think?

When one of those carnivorous, sphere mongering type saves your life in a potential upcoming battle, you might feel differently about the matter.
These people are your allies 😛

When their guts are bleeding from all of the toxins that they are consuming they will be no help to anybody. I do not have a problem with meat eaters but the consumption of dairy and flesh that Americans eat is out of control and very bad for anyone’s health. Kyle did say that it should only be consumed a few times a week which I find to be very reasonable and healthy. Ingesting dead toxic flesh 3 times a day does not benefit anyone. Someone who consumes meat should still do juice cleanses intermittently to clean the colon. I have done an alkaline diet for 3 months straight which consisted of only steamed veggies, fruits and juices and it cleared every defective cell in… Read more »

Where does the concept come from that humans are so dirty and need “cleansing” come from do you think?

And all this time I thought it was Jews that were intransigent..?

The food is poisoned, take it or leave it.

I studied environmental science for 3 years so I am well aware of the effects that modern agriculture and factory farms have on the environment and our health. I also have come down with illness due to these poisons and as soon as I extracted these toxins from my body I was cured and never had to consume pharmajewticals again. If taking my health into my own hands makes me an “intranigent jew” I’ll take it over being a miserable diseased slave.

Sounding very much like shrill SJW

@Joyster I am not sure why you are name calling my comment wasn’t even an attack on you. I was just stating how I believe that kyle and sineads videos and shows on health and gardening are beneficial to us as a people considering the current climate we are facing. You are the one who sounds like you are “sphere mongering” with your denial of any health benefits to cleansing and veganism. And I wasn’t being intransigent because I said I don’t have a problem with meat eating I just stated that our population is consuming amounts never before seen in past times and it is having an obvious effect on our bowels. In more ancient times meat was not even available on a regular… Read more »

@Joyster BTW You sound like an ignorant nigger. : )

@renegade@sinead I just want to clarify that I didn’t start name calling and ad hominens till after I got called an intransigent jew, and a shrill sjw. If I get banned for fighting back so be it, it was worth it. Joyster is a huge moron.

sometimes my farts are so deadly

ha ha, better do a juice cleanse,

Maybe you will live to be 117, as did the reportedly oldest woman in the world, until today RIP.

A vegan i’m sure or maybe a fruitarian or a breathenarian
I wish people would realize the breadth of my experience, but obviously , that is too much to ask.
Your lack of broadmindedness and unwillingness to look at differing viewpoints is consistent with SJWs and judgmental fanatics.
My wall has holes in it
Have to go 😛

You should focus on the holes in your head while you are at it basic bitch.

If they saved my life I’d be grateful, perhaps one day I could do the same for them. But that has nothing to do with Renegade promoting veganism.

If you listened you would be aware that John has a wife

During the show John said he could talk to Gwenne all night because, you know, what else did he have to talk about? With so much going on in the world, how could he come to his own show with nothing to discuss? Also, he has repeatedly said that he won’t be able to top the show he did with Daphne, so does this mean it’s all downhill from here? I have never heard a host say such a thing before. If he does not plan on doing hard-hitting radio, I don’t think he is really helping Renegade at all, even though they are lacking quality hosts at the moment.

Step in Chuck

Must be a good vintage season, the WHINE is flowing! Obviously “with so much going on in the world” we have to make sure that we spend time typing out comments to people we know nothing about telling them how we feel about their radio show that we just listened to for 2 hours so they know that they just wasted that 2 hours when they could’ve been doing something constructive! Does anyone else hear the words “pot calling the kettle black” ringing in their ears? This quote from Chuck’s comment says it best & typifies these whining trolls “I don’t think…” These dolts, sheesh!

Lets give John points for doing live radio and giving it a go. Maybe the episode was more like one of those Skype chats or google hangouts than a topic-based show, but it might be (in theory) a year before John is a more seasoned and experienced host.