Weekly Dossier: Blackbird9 – Trading Posts (3-23-17)

John talks to Frederick Blackburn about his radio show, some current events like the recent synthetic terror, seeing how things fit into a larger game plan, how we can use cooperative game theory to our advantage, the role of Freemasonry, weaponized technology, and much more.

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Greetings all!

I just wanted to thank Mr. John Smith and the Renegade Broadcasting krew
for having me on the Weekly Dossier show last night.

I hope you all found a TRUTH nugget or two out of that “Bucket Of Rocks”
I brought with me from North Cackilacki Trading Posts and
The Breakfast Club . . . lol

Like we say here . . .

“Connect the dotz . . . and see the pattern.
. . . Connect the patternz . . . and see the system dynamics!!!”

Wishing you the best of luck with the Weekly Dossier show!

– bb9


Here are the links to the two articles I referenced during the show
on (((their))) Centralized MASTER/slave 7 Layer Model:

“What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object?”

“Zionim is a Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System”

– bb9


Quality content delivered in a professional format. You knocked it out of the park on this one, John. Nice work.

Ingrid B

Not sure who it was who mentioned how well TUT is doing, and that`s nice. I used to love spending time on TUT, made some friends, then, for some reason, I became a target of ridicule by Mark Glen, who accused me of spending too much time on the site. He asked me to take up any grievances by e-mail, which I did, am still waiting for a reply. After several months, my daughter received an e-mail, thanking her, as one of the “good guys” for her donations. She explained to Glen that the donations had been mine, paid through her paypal account. He asked if he should replace her e-mail address with mine, she said yes. Needless to say I never heard from him,… Read more »


@Blackbird9: It is a delight to hear you having a ‘conversation’, without the ridiculous ‘9 at 9’, which you flog your guests with. I would argue the reason you have so few guests is because of the illogical, irrational questions you force upon people. Your guests always sound taken aback and uncomfortable with how ludicrous those questions are. In fact, you make intelligent people sound downright stupid. I certainly hope this is not why you do this. How about having a normal conversation? If you are a high functioning autistic person (Asperger’s?), I suggest you take this friendly advice and change those questions because you are missing the obvious. Those with Autism often miss social cues, so take this as a friendly cue. Cheers.

Don Farkwidmee

May I suggest that in the interest of simply maintaining intelligent conversation between all commenters here, who have a pretty free reign to say what they like, Renegade simply deletes comments like this one that blatantly personally attacks a guest for no mature, intelligible reasons as a matter of course from now on. This PolesRunHo11ywood guy is a complete douchebag who has been fouling up the comments section with nothing but outright personal attacks with no substance or real connection to the subject matter. They are simply vents for this foul & bitter loser who has proven repeatedly he has nothing better to say. Whilst free speech is a good idea, in practice we still need to maintain a certain order otherwise the immature douchebags… Read more »


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I do not believe the thumb counts from Renegade. I call on you people to specifically post thumbs up and thumbs downs. (Cue troll attacks from people we have never heard of, who will instantly have the same thumbs up as I have down). All allowed opposition is controlled opposition, period.


Where were all you sycophant losers for kyles protest in Washington? You are a bunch of fags! For myself, I am constantly attacked by this network, even though I fundamentally agree with most of what they say, so there is no reason to support them, for me, the difference between you and me is that I have risked my life many times for what I stand for, and you are all faggy cowards. So go fuck yourselves and your fake thumb counts, you are the failures the system counts on.



Hetty The Healer

Sean, you sound extremely butthurt & paranoid! If you’re so anti-Renegade why are you even here? Rather than wasting your time posting repeatedly about something as trivial as thumbs up or down on a website that may or may not have that many people passively viewing comments made by virtual nobodies, wouldn’t that time be better spent doing something active yourself & just shrugging off “attacks” on you by people you label as “sycophants”? My experience in life (and I guarantee I’m a lot older & wiser than you!) is generally that those who do the most talking usually do the least walking! You’ve certainly been doing a LOT of talking lately. Despite what you say you’ve done (talk is cheap afterall) that’s all that… Read more »


Who the fuck are you? Funny how those who attack, I have never heard of or from. You will never do more “walking” than I have, you fucking dipshit, unwise coward. The closest I have seen is Kyle, and as much as I hate to say it, Chris Dorsey. They did what a sycophant loser like you will never do, and that is to leave your keyboard and do something BRAVE! Where were you, you fucking pussy?


From a purely WN perspective, why would you not support it?

Harry Hecklestein

Sean, have you actually considered that maybe people just don’t like your overall attitude in here & will simply vote ALL your comments down as a matter of course now? I for one simply scroll down your comments thumbing down each & every one now! In fact I deleted all my videogames because it’s way more fun spending all my spare time here thumbing down all your comments as they appear! Trolls getting trolled! I love it! LOL! 😀