Weekly Dossier: Civil Asset Forfeiture (9-7-17)

John talks about the move toward mandatory chipping, how police are able to seize money and other assets from innocent people who have never been found guilty of a crime, and he also plays a clip from our pal William Pierce.

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In IL. here the Freemasons have some kind of children identification ship program more under the guise of safety it seems.



This was a very good and focussed show John. After I stood silent and didn’t tell you how impressed I was of your USS Liberty presentation I want to make it better this time and thank you. It has all gone so far so fast and I do know the feeling when the head explodes and appreciate so much that Renegade again and again provides deep thought and reason in such a time. A special thank you to Urban Jungle Girl! The whole Irma situation more and more overshadowes my thoughts and as I am so far away I just want to wish the best for all of you Renegades over there in the US and the Hunt Family in particular. I’m far too worried… Read more »

This could be another way to pressure people into keeping their money in banks an using debit cards as well. As a result the jews can more easily push us into a cashless credit system they control an control how money is spent better an what cause you can support monetarily.


Which is why the only danger to the jew is people completely casting out the notion of money. Money is the jew’s tool of conquest. They are to cowardly and physically degenerate to physically achieve anything so they have to infest, bribe and deceive others into doing it for them. Somehow the tick has tricked the dog into thinking it can’t live without it.


Most people don’t know that the National Socialists solved the Corrupt Money Problem. You can certainly have “money” that does not enable a private group to steal from everyone. Debt-free money based upon the value of goods, services and infrastructure is the path to freedom from the jewish money-scam. Any money system based on “debt” or a commodity like gold is open to complete manipulation by nefarious players. Much to be learned from the way the NS government implemented its monetary policy.


Pat Yes many people don’t know that, given that all they “know” about NS is: NAAAAAAZIS, and that is about the limit. Money itself is a jewish scam. In any form. If you use money, you walk into the devils arms. This is why Hitler said “capital OR labour”. OR labour. Not both. Money is the abstraction of value, and when something enters the realm of the abstract, you have removed the Real and entered into the Simulation. There is no way somebody’s time can be quantified on any basis, be it gold, salt, paper etc, basically STUFF that someone says has value. When something becomes abstract, you abandon Nature and enter into the realm of Simulation. YES it was a temporary effective move, but… Read more »


Exactly thats why the civil war was fought to destroy states rights to lead the way to the American Bolshevik revolution. Thank Lincoln you were a great man!!!


That was a truly great show John. CAF is an abomination and the fact that it exists and hardly nobody mentions a thing, shows clearly the times we live in. It’s piracy under the guise of law simply put. It’s an outrageous beyond belief practice driven by corruption under the ultimate cloak of deceit and hypocracy, and any–ANY–so called thruther out there not bringing this point up is suspect. Koodos to John Kyle and Renegade in general, who are the very few who have.


Last time I leave on comment on this fucking network lol